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He found a class ring that was lost for nearly 60 years and tracked down the owner to return it

Luke Berube discovered a class ring at the bottom of a pond in South Boston and returned it to its rightful owner after it had been lost for 60 years.

72 Philadelphia police officers are off street duty over racist and hateful Facebook posts

Seventy-two Philadelphia police officers have been placed on administrative duty in light of racist and offensive social media posts allegedly made by the officers, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

India's sixth biggest city is almost entirely out of water

The floor of the Chembarambakkam reservoir is cracked open, dry and sun-baked. About 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) away, in Chennai, India's sixth largest city, millions of people are running out of water.

Parents brawl over a 13-year-old umpire's call at Little League game. Police say they're 'disgusted'

Parents and coaches were unhappy with a call made by the 13-year-old umpire during a Little League baseball game, according to the Lakewood Police Department. They then stormed the field and began punching each other as the 7-year-old players looked on.

Hundreds confronted Phoenix officials at a community meeting about police abuse. The chief vowed change

Phoenix officials heard from the community after a video showed police officers drawing a gun and threatening a family of four during a shoplifting investigation.

Alaska teen accused of killing friend for $9 million also faces federal child porn charges

Denali Brehmer began planning how to kill her "best friend" after a man she met online said he would pay her at least $9 million for evidence of the killing, Alaska authorities say.

5 things to know for June 19: 2020 race, Patrick Shanahan, US-China trade, refugees

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan withdraws from his confirmation process, according to President Donald Trump. This comes as details of his contentious divorce, which dragged out over six years, are gaining attention.

5 things to know for June 19: 2020 race, Patrick Shanahan, US-China trade, refugees

Flash flooding continues to be a threat as severe storms develop from the the southern Plains towards the Ohio Valley. Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.

5 things to know for June 19: 2020 race, Patrick Shanahan, US-China trade, refugees

A 55-year-old New Jersey man was found dead in his hotel room in the Dominican Republic, making him at least the ninth US tourist to die at a Dominican Republic resort.

This photographer went to cover a trial. He came face to face with a gunman instead

CNN's Dianne Gallagher reports on Dallas Morning News photographer Tom Fox, who captured a photo of the suspected gunman just before shots were fired at a federal building in Dallas.

5 things to know for June 19: 2020 race, Patrick Shanahan, US-China trade, refugees

Federal authorities seized about 16½ tons of cocaine from a large ship at the Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia, prosecutors said.

America's infrastructure is crumbling and these people are suffering because of it

CNN's Jason Carroll investigates America's infrastructure crisis, first looking how a lack of funding is catching up with deteriorating roads and bridges.

Magician's body found after failed river escape stunt

Chanchal Lahiri, called "Jadugar Mandrake," attempted an escape stunt in Kolkata and drowned.

Making an old home healthier for you and the environment

These Brooklyn brownstones have been renovated to passive house standards, which allows them to virtually eliminate heating bills and street noise. Baxt Ingui Architects tells us how.

Phoenix couple who say police threatened to shoot them will speak in mayor's meeting Tuesday

A police stop in Phoenix is garnering national attention over the way police conducted themselves in the presence of a pregnant woman and her young daughters.

Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on first mission

A British organization had the idea to let the internet have a voice in naming a new ship, and as CNNs Jeremy Roth explains, they got a bit more they the expected.

5 things to know for June 18: Iran, politics, Dominican Republic, Gloria Vanderbilt

Severe weather could affect over 70 million in the southern Plains and the east coast. This could accumulate over the coming days to bring flooding to parts of the Midwest from Kansas towards Indiana. Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.

An Alaska teen is accused of killing her friend after a man she met online told her he'd pay $9 million for videos of the murder

Denali Brehmer began planning how to kill her "best friend" after a man she met online said he would pay her at least $9 million for evidence of the killing, Alaska authorities say.

Former Ohio gym teacher indicted over alleged sexual contact with first-graders

A former elementary school gym teacher was indicted over the alleged inappropriate touching of more than two dozen first-grade girls, said a prosecutor in southwest Ohio.

America's infrastructure is crumbling and these people are suffering because of it

CNN's Tom Foreman investigates America's crisis of crumbling infrastructure and how lawmakers plan to fix the nationwide problem.

Another American tourist died in her hotel room in the Dominican Republic, resort says

Leyla Cox, a US tourist who died while staying in a Dominican Republic hotel, is the eighth American to die in the country this year.

FBI looking into suspected Dallas gunman's military and social media history

Officials say a suspect in an "active shooter incident" was shot during an exchange of gunfire with federal officers in downtown Dallas.

Man killed after an alleged argument and attack on an off-duty officer in Costco was nonverbal, cousin says

A man who was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer after an alleged argument inside a California Costco was nonverbal, according to his cousin.

One person was killed and 7 other people were shot at a graduation party

Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a graduation party in Philadelphia. One person was killed and five others were injured in the shooting, according to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

5 things to know for June 17: Hong Kong, Iran, power outage, Campaign 2020, Phoenix arrests

President Trump's campaign will fire several pollsters after unflattering internal polling numbers showing Trump lagging behind Democrats in key states were made public, according to two campaign officials.

5 things to know for June 17: Hong Kong, Iran, power outage, Campaign 2020, Phoenix arrests

Severe weather across two portions of the US today. The first region we are monitoring is the Mid-Atlantic states where Philadelphia and the DC metro could see large hail and damaging winds, The other region is in the Plains from Southwest Texas into Nebraska;. Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.

Woman arrested after she pushed her dog in a lake and watched it drown

A New Hampshire woman faces an animal cruelty charge after allegedly pushing her 11-year-old dog into a lake and watching it drown.

A young boy learned self-defense after a home invasion years ago. Last week, he used a machete to fight off an intruder

Hours after a young North Carolina boy thwarted a home invasion with a machete, the 19-year-old suspect walked out of a hospital and got away, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said.

5 things to know for June 17: Hong Kong, Iran, power outage, Campaign 2020, Phoenix arrests

A "massive failure" in an electrical interconnection system left Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay completely without power, and for many customers, restoring electricity will take all day, a utility distributor said.

4 people found dead in an Iowa house after guest runs out and asks bystander to call 911

Four people were found dead inside their West Des Moines, Iowa, home, police said. All four had apparent gunshot wounds.

Upstate New York judge dies after having a heart attack on the bench

Putnam County Court Judge James Reitz had just finished a case on the bench when he asked a court officer for help. He later died after suffering a heart attack.

United Airlines flight blows out tires during landing at Newark Liberty International Airport

A United Airlines flight skidded off a runway at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

O.J. Simpson says he'll use his new Twitter account to 'set the record straight'

It's been 25 years since O.J. Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were killed in a gruesome knife attack. CNN's Stephanie Elam reports.

Woman is arrested in the death of a former Arkansas state senator

Rebecca Lynn-O'Donnell of Pocahontas, Arkansas has been arrested in connection with Linda Collins-Smith's homicide, authorities say. The former state senator was shot at home on June 4, 2019.

Three NYPD officers have died by suicide in less than 10 days

Three members of the New York Police Department have died by suicide in less than 10 days, Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill said Friday. CNN's Mark Morales reports.

Parents say police pulled guns on them after 4-year-old daughter took a doll from a store in Phoenix

A Phoenix couple is seeking $10 million from the city after a video showed police officers drawing a gun on them after their 4-year-old daughter allegedly stole a doll from a Family Dollar store.

An off-duty officer killed a man who attacked him in a Costco while he was holding a child, police say

A shooting inside a Costco store left one person dead and others injured in Southern California, police said.

How a case of mistaken identity allowed a man to be taken off life support

A family in Chicago made the decision to pull life support for a man they thought was their brother - only to find out the man was a stranger. CNN affiliate WBBM reports.

Tennessee preacher-cop calls for execution of LGBTQ people

Authorities in Tennessee are reviewing all pending cases involving Knox County Sheriff's Office detective Grayson Fritts after he gave a sermon at his church that called for the government to execute members of the LGBTQ community.

Fired for being transgender: The fight for LGBTQ workers' rights

LGBTQ employees across the country are facing discrimination and harassment in the workplace. One case currently before the Supreme Court could heighten protections for LGBTQ people in the workforce

Out for a cruise on Sunset Boulevard? Here's where to stop

For more than 80 years Grauman's Chinese Theatre has been synonymous with celebrity. Take an inside, up close look at this Hollywood landmark

A second account on Toronto Raptors president's altercation with officer after team won NBA title

Masai Ujiri, President, Toronto Raptors says that Africa is a gold mine for talent.

From a mass shooting to a major wildfire, two California firefighters recount a harrowing 24 hours

Two firefighters went beyond the call of duty when they responded to a mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California - then nearly 12 hours later, they responded to the Woolsey fire just a mile away. CNN's Stephanie Elam reports.

Authorities say they are closing in on the person who ordered the hit on David Ortiz

Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, who confessed to shooting Red Sox player David Ortiz, spoke with a reporter through his jail window about the intended target in the attack.

A mother and her child were attacked by a coyote in a New Jersey park. Then police shot the animal dead

A woman and her child were attacked by a coyote in Fairfield, New Jersey on Thursday, officials said.

How a community that felt snubbed by police helped crack the case of an undocumented, pregnant mom's killing

A baby boy has died weeks after his mother, Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, was murdered and he was cut from her womb.

5 things to know for June 14: Iran, White House, vaccines, Sudan, moon landing

The United States military has released a video that it says shows an Iranian navy boat removing an unexploded mine attached to the hull of the Japanese-owned chemical tanker Kokura Courageous, one of two tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman.

5 things to know for June 14: Iran, White House, vaccines, Sudan, moon landing

Severe storms and flooding are forecast for areas of the central Plains to the Midwest this weekend and critical fire danger lingers across the Southwest.

5 things to know for June 13: Trump, David Ortiz, Grand Canyon, tanker attacks, Vayu

Tropical Cyclone Vayu is barreling toward the northwest coast of India and is expected to pass close to the Gujarat coast.

The black women who did NASA's math used to be hidden. Now the street in front of its headquarters is named for them

"Hidden Figures" stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe tell CNN's Frank Pallotta why the movie is an important but often untold piece of history.

These are the people involved in the scandal around alleged sex cult inside Nxivm

The organization NXIVM sold self help classes, but prosecutors say it was also a pyramid scheme with a cult-like secret society where women were branded with the founder's initials.

Memphis protesters hurl bricks and rocks at police, wounding 24 officers in outcry over a man's death

At least 24 Memphis police officers were injured in the chaos that erupted between protesters and law enforcement following an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead.

5 things to know for June 13: Trump, David Ortiz, Grand Canyon, tanker attacks, Vayu

Heavy rain and patchy fog in the Northeast could cause travel delays today. Meanwhile in the West, the record heat is beginning to ease but temperatures will remain above normal. Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.

UK signs Julian Assange's US extradition papers

The indictment of Julian Assange under the Espionage Act is "very dangerous for journalism," whether or not Assange is considered a journalist, First Amendment lawyer Ted Boutrous says. He tells Brian Stelter why the case "poses great risks" for the news industry.

The suspects in David Ortiz's shooting got paid $7,800, police say. Six are in custody

Police in the Dominican Republic are still trying to unravel the motives behind the shooting of former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.

5 things to know for June 13: Trump, David Ortiz, Grand Canyon, tanker attacks, Vayu

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon discuss a viral tweet showing Keanu Reeves posing with multiple women, including Dolly Parton, with his arm behind the women and his hand hovering over either their arms or waists.

She was sent to Rikers Island because she couldn't pay $500 bail. Now, she's dead and her family wants answers

Located just off Manhattan in the East River, Rikers Island is considered one of the world's largest correctional institutions.

Bentley's new Flying Spur sedan can go 207 miles per hour

The new Bentley Flying Spur sedan looks like a limousine, but it can go over 200 miles per hour.

Why not smash stuff on your next trip to Las Vegas?

"Rage rooms," or smash rooms, allow visitors to destroy electronics, furniture, bottles and other items for fun. See what happens during one of these sessions.

Art and space: 'A quest never to end'

Dr. Mae Jemison made history when she became the first woman of color to travel to space. It was her background as a dancer that showed her how the arts and sciences are more connected than we thought. Watch the TV premiere of 'Apollo 11' on Sunday, June 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

A sleepy island paradise's most showstopping sights

The Glass Window bridge on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera separates the dark blue Atlantic Ocean and the turquoise Bight of Eleuthera.

'Zombie snakes' in North Carolina are a lot less scary than they sound

When threatened, this snake will roll over, convulse and stick out its tongue!

5 things to know for June 12: Hong Kong, campaign 2020, tropical cyclone, World Cup

Record heat continues across the western US with triple digit heat expanding into portions of Oregon. Areas across the East could see flooding ahead of cooler temperatures. Pedram Javaheri has the latest.

5 things to know for June 12: Hong Kong, campaign 2020, tropical cyclone, World Cup

Six million people could be impacted by Tropical Cyclone Vayu, which is barreling towards northwest India. Almost 300,000 people are set to be evacuated to 700 shelter homes, a spokesperson for India's Home Ministry said. Schools and colleges in affected districts are closed. CNN's Pedram Javaheri explains

5 things to know for June 12: Hong Kong, campaign 2020, tropical cyclone, World Cup

The Hong Kong government has postponed a second reading and debate of a controversial extradition bill. Police have begun using pepper spray in a bid to push back protestors near to the entrance of the Legislative Council. CNN's Andrew Stevens reports

A boy on a unicorn float drifted half a mile out to sea in North Carolina

An 8-year-old boy was rescued when his unicorn float suddenly got pulled hundreds of yards into the Atlantic Ocean.

5 things to know for June 11: Mueller documents, clergy abuse, plastics, David Ortiz

The temperatures will be cooling off for people in the eastern US with a front that is going to bring a storm threat to the Plains today. The opposite can be said for the folks on the West Coast as near record heat can be felt all the way into Washington State. Pedram Javaheri has the latest forecast.

How a message of acceptance from rural Oklahoma touched people around the world

Oklahoma resident Cody Barlow tells CNN's Don Lemon what inspired him to decorate his 1991 Chevrolet Silverado for Pride Month.

Deadly helicopter crash renews calls to ban flights over Manhattan

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks with CNN's Anderson Cooper about the Manhattan helicopter crash.

New Yorkers thought about 9/11 when they first heard about the helicopter crash

A helicopter made a hard landing on the roof of a building in Manhattan and a fire ensued, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said to reporters near the scene. The governor cited preliminary information, but said the fire was under control.

Helicopter crash-lands on top of building in Manhattan, killing pilot

A helicopter has crashed into a building in Manhattan located at 787 7th Avenue, the FDNY tweeted. Sources say at least one person was killed.

Must-watch videos of the week

Gorillas at the Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina were not fans of getting caught in the rain, and their hilarious attempts to find cover were captured on video.

Who is Victor Hugo Gomez, the alleged mastermind behind the David Ortiz shooting?

10-time MLB all-star David Ortiz was shot in the back in his native Dominican Republic. According to prosecutors, Ortiz was not the intended target of the attack.

There's a really sweet reason why the names on these kids' jerseys are not theirs

Kids have been playing baseball at the Michael J. Buczek Ballfield for more than three decades - not just for love of the game, but to honor fallen heroes. CNN's Brynn Gingras reports.

At least 1 person is dead and 6 others injured after crane falls on Dallas apartment building

A crane collapsed onto a building in Dallas, killing at least one and injuring six people.

5 things to know for June 10: David Ortiz, Mexico, Hong Kong, Sudan, Raytheon, Tonys

The storms and rain that soaked the South this weekend are pushing into the Northeast to make for a soggy Monday. Meanwhile, the western US could see some heat records broken over the coming days. Pedram Javaheri has your Monday forecast.

Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz shot in the back in the Dominican Republic

Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic, according to Felix Durán Mejia, a spokesman for the Dominican National Police.

As communities celebrate Pride month, Detroit police charge teen with murder of gay men, transgender woman

Detroit police have charged a teenager with killing two gay men and a transgender woman, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said.

Cranes are supposed to withstand 140 mph winds. So what caused the deadly Dallas crane collapse?

A crane collapsed onto an apartment complex Sunday after severe weather hit the Dallas area. At least one person was killed.

At least 1 dead, 6 injured after crane falls on Dallas apartment building

A witness describes the scene after a crane collapsed into a building in Dallas, injuring at least two people.

5 things to know for June 10: David Ortiz, Mexico, Hong Kong, Sudan, Raytheon, Tonys

In what could be the largest demonstration since the city's handover to China in 1997, organizers claim more than one million protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong to oppose a controversial extradition bill that would enable China to extradite fugitives from the city.

Searchers find body of Texas police chief knocked overboard from fishing boat

A dozen state and federal agencies are searching for a police chief who fell overboard after his fishing boat was hit by a wake of a passing vessel in Texas.

This town is the real star of 'Big Little Lies'

The producers needed to set the American version of Liane Moriarty's "Big Little Lies" in a quaint but blissfully beautiful town. They found the perfect setting on the Monterey Peninsula.​

A veteran died in police custody. His body was returned to his family with some organs missing

US Army veteran Everett Palmer Jr.'s body was returned to his family, but it was only after the family hired their own independent forensic pathologist that they discovered Palmer's body was missing three body parts. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports.

A veteran died in police custody. His body was returned to his family with some organs missing

US Army veteran Everett Palmer Jr.'s body was returned to his family, but it was only after the family hired their own independent forensic pathologist that they discovered Palmer's body was missing three body parts.

Fire consumes 7,200 acres in Tonto National Forest in Arizona

CNN's Allison Chinchar explains why wildfire season in the US is lasting longer and burning more acres of land than ever.

2 more dead gray whales have been found in Alaska, bringing the year's toll to 75 along the US West Coast

More than 70 whales have been found dead along the West Coast and scientists don't know why, but initial findings suggest that the gray whales are dying from starvation.

2 former state senators found dead in Arkansas and Oklahoma within days

Former state Sen. Jonathan Nichols' body was discovered in his home in Norman, Oklahoma. He served as state senator from 2000 to 2012, and later worked at the University of Oklahoma.

Detroit police search abandoned homes and board them up after suspected serial killings

Since March of 2019, three women on the east side of Detroit have been found dead in three abandoned homes.

A father having a conversation with his babbling baby boy about the 'Empire' finale broke the internet

Comedian DJ Pryor tells CNN's Chris Cuomo how the viral video of him talking with his 19-month-old son was created.

Missing Mouseketeer Dennis Day is dead, police say, and his body was found months ago

A body that was found in an Oregon home in April has been identified as Dennis Day's, who was one of the original members of "The Mickey Mouse Club."

A slick video with claims about artificial food spreads online even though some of the claims are fake

A viral video with more than 89 million views on Facebook has been found to be inaccurate.

Mother of five's disappearance is 'too close to home' for shocked Connecticut community

Police continue to search for missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos after her estranged husband and his girlfriend were arrested in connection with the case.

No bail for man accused of plotting terror attack in Times Square

A man has been arrested after he discussed purchasing explosives with the intention of detonating them in New York's Times Square, a law enforcement source told CNN.

5 things to know for June 7: Mexico tariffs, Biden, Saudi Arabia, robocalls, Dr. John

This is the story of Murtaja Qureiris, an 18-year-old who was facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia. Two weeks after his story was shared on CNN, a source told us he has been spared execution and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

5 things to know for June 7: Mexico tariffs, Biden, Saudi Arabia, robocalls, Dr. John

A slow-moving storm system meanders eastward, bringing heavy rain to drought-stricken parts of the southeast. Derek Van Dam has the latest and how it will affect your weekend.

5 things to know for June 7: Mexico tariffs, Biden, Saudi Arabia, robocalls, Dr. John

Dr. John created a unique style of music that combined rock 'n' roll, jazz and blues. Watch some of the moments that made him a New Orleans legend.

Sally Ride became the first American woman in space 36 years ago today

50 years after the launch of Apollo 11, NASA is emphasizing the role of women as it prepares for its next mission to land the first female astronauts on the moon.

5 things to know for June 12: Hong Kong, campaign 2020, tropical cyclone, World Cup

President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden are becoming the best of enemies as their head-to-head clash escalates on the road to the 2020 election.

Thanks to DNA sleuths, a Jane Doe killed 37 years ago might finally get a headstone with her name on it

Initially used to locate birth parents, genetic genealogy is now being used to nab criminals. The technique has already led to five arrests in 2018.

5 things to know for June 7: Mexico tariffs, Biden, Saudi Arabia, robocalls, Dr. John

A Canadian museum has held a safe that is thought to be last opened in the 1970's. One tourist was able to crack the code on his first try.

How sexual abuse survivors are finding strength and dignity through fashion

Clothing can change lives, that's the mission behind Atlanta nonprofit Free Fab'rik. They partner with transitional homes to help women find hope.

Michelin and GM are working on a puncture-proof tire

Michelin and GM have partnered up to create a prototype for a new puncture-proof tire that will eliminate blowouts and flats.

Serena Williams is the first athlete on Forbes' Richest Self-Made Women list

Nike's "Dream Crazier" ad celebrates female athletes like tennis star Serena Williams, gymnast Simone Biles and others who have challenged the norm.

46 ice cream trucks are being seized in a New York City crackdown

New York City's "Operation Meltdown" seized 46 ice cream trucks after it said operators were hiding behind "shell" corporations to avoid paying traffic fines.

Three Americans checked into a resort on the same day and died within a week. Now their families want answers

Three American tourists have died while visiting a Dominican Republic resort within five days of each other. CNN's Rosa Flores reports.

A teacher just got fired for asking Trump to deport undocumented students

Georgia Clark, a high school teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, is under fire for her tweets asking President Trump to "remove the illegals" from her school. CNN's Brooke Baldwin interviews Lizzie Maldonado, who spoke to the school board that voted in favor of Clark's termination.

Central Park Five prosecutor Linda Fairstein resigns from board of alma mater Vassar College

Ava DuVernay's new Netflix miniseries, "When They See Us," has sparked a new outcry over how the lead prosecutor handled the case of five black and Hispanic teenagers accused of rape in 1989.

A woman fell to her death while recording a fight with her husband

A Missouri woman fell to her death at a parking garage after recording a fight with her husband, according to police.

Pennsylvania woman died days before Maryland couple at the same hotel in the Dominican Republic

Five days before a Maryland couple was found dead in their hotel room in the Dominican Republic, a Pennsylvania woman named Miranda Schaup-Werner collapsed and died at the same resort shortly after she checked in, a family spokesman says.

5 things to know for June 5: Trump, Parkland, Australia, Dominican Republic, meat

Tropical moisture from a remnant low near Mexico is beginning to push rain up into an already flood ravaged central US. Pedram Javaheri has the details on how long we can expect the rain.

This is what Scot Peterson did during the Parkland school shooting

More than a year after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, former school resource officer Scot Peterson now faces child neglect, culpable negligence and perjury charges after he failed to confront a shooter who opened fire and killed 17 people.

Murder suspect mistakenly released from Florida jail

In Florida, 28-year-old Eric Alexander Vail Jr., who is facing a first-degree murder charge, was inadvertently allowed to walk free after a lesser homicide count was dismissed, leaving Broward County authorities scrambling to not only find him but also determine who should take the blame.

Scot Peterson, school resource officer criticized for his response during the Parkland shooting, faces felony charges

Former Broward Sheriff's Office Deputy Scot Peterson is facing 11 charges stemming from the 2018 mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead.

London's mayor compared President Trump to an 11-year-old child

London Mayor Sadiq Khan reacts to President Trump calling him a "stone-cold loser" at the start of his state visit to the UK. CNN's Clarissa Ward reports.

A 12-year-old boy who was starved, chained and kept in a dog collar died. His mother never knew he left the state

A 12-year-old boy named Eduardo Posso was pronounced dead at an Indiana hospital after police said he was chained and starved by his father and stepmother.

3 years, 80,000 miles, 61 national parks

The dunes along Indiana's lakeshore is one of the last stops for an artist who is nearing completion of a three-year journey to visit all 61 of the US National Parks.

Why Britain's National Health Service keeps coming up during Trump's UK visit

Chatham House Associate Fellow Amy Pope says that Britain should expect to get a tough trade deal with the US because President Donald Trump benefits when the United Kingdom has less reliance on the European Union.

5 things to know for June 4: Trump, tech probes, Virginia Beach, Sudan, lost climbers

Severe weather with the possibility of heavy rain continue to burden the Central US, and the pattern is going to get some help from the tropics. Pedram Javaheri has the details.

Woman swept to her death at Lake Tahoe waterfall

A woman died near Lake Tahoe in California after she fell while hiking near a waterfall.

5 things to know for June 4: Trump, tech probes, Virginia Beach, Sudan, lost climbers

Dong Shengkun, a former Tiananmen Square prisoner, looks back at the events that shaped his life as the world prepares to mark the 30th anniversary of the massacre.

5 things to know for June 4: Trump, tech probes, Virginia Beach, Sudan, lost climbers

President Donald Trump hailed his host -- Queen Elizabeth II -- as a "great, great woman" in a toast at a Buckingham Palace banquet to honor Trump's visit to the United Kingdom. CNN's Kate Bennett reports.

Maleah Davis' remains have been identified, authorities said Monday

Authorities have identified the remains of 4-year-old Maleah Davis, according to the Harris County Institute of Forensic Science.

Remorse and resilience: Virginia Beach copes with life after another American massacre

A dozen people were killed and four injured after a gunman opened fire in a municipal building.

Dwyane Wade surprises Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students at graduation ceremony

NBA star Dwyane Wade surprised students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with a speech at their graduation ceremony.

Missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos had told officials she was afraid of her estranged husband

The estranged husband of Jennifer Dulos and one other person were arrested and charged as police continue their search for the 50-year-old Connecticut mother of five who hasn't been seen for more than a week.

5 things to know for June 3: Trump, Virginia Beach, economy, Boeing, missing climbers

More rain expected over the Central US where historic river flooding has already taken place. Pedram Javaheri has the latest as well as information on an area of disturbance that could be the second named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season.

Chinese warships arrive in Sydney Harbor on Australian stopover

Chinese warships arriving in Sydney Harbor on June 3, 2019.

Missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos had told officials she was afraid of her estranged husband

A vigil is held for Jennifer Dulos, a Connecticut mother of 5 who has been missing for over a week.

5 things to know for June 3: Trump, Virginia Beach, economy, Boeing, missing climbers

President Donald Trump attacked London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter moments before landing for a UK visit.

'I gotta check on everybody else:' A city employee sacrificed his life to keep others safe from Virginia Beach shooter

Officials released the names of the 12 people who were killed in the shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center.

Chef Leah Chase, civil rights activist and legendary 'Queen of Creole Cuisine,' dies at age 96

Leah Chase felt it was her duty to make Dooky Chase's more than just a restaurant, but a meeting place for people like the Freedom Riders of the 1960s to cultivate ideas over fried chicken.

Andy Ruiz Jr. becomes the heavyweight world champion after stunning TKO upset

Andy Ruiz Jr. became the first Mexican-American heavyweight world champion after a stunning upset victory over British boxer Anthony Joshua.

This Virginia Beach council member was a Virginia Tech student during the 2007 mass shooting. Now he's guiding his city through its own tragedy.

Virginia Beach City Councilman Aaron Rouse tells CNN's Chris Cuomo about how he lived through the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech only to be visited by similar circumstances in the community he now serves.

From Assad to Xi, the Queen has met her fair share of controversial leaders

CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on presidential flubs with the Queen of England as President Donald Trump preps for his second encounter with Queen Elizabeth II.

Retail billionaire Philip Green charged with misdemeanor assault

Retail mogul Sir Philip Green has been charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault in the US, after a Pilates instructor accused him of repeatedly slapping and touching her body during classes.

Virginia Beach gunman's family offers condolences to victims of office massacre

At least 12 people are dead after a man opened fire in a Virginia Beach city building. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Spelling bee 'octo-champs' describe the night the 'dictionary lost'

Eight contestants were crowned Scripps National Spelling Bee champions but there was one word that stumped them all.

Virginia Beach gunman wished him a 'good day' before the carnage, co-worker says

CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reports on details of the man police say opened fire indiscriminately in a Virginia Beach city building, killing at least 12 people, a Virginia government source briefed on the investigation told CNN.

Witnesses hid in offices and under their desks during the Virginia Beach shooting

A witness describes the scene in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where a shooting has left at least 11 people dead, according to police.

Human remains found during search for Maleah Davis in Arkansas

The man who had been watching Maleah Davis, a missing 4-year-old girl, allegedly confessed to where he dumped her body. CNN's Brooke Baldwin reports suspect Derion Vence confessed during a visit to the jail.

At least 12 dead after disgruntled employee opens fire at Virginia Beach municipal center

At least 11 people were killed after a gunman opened fire at a municipal building in Virginia Beach, Virginia, police chief James Cervera said.

Tariffs on Mexico will hurt American business

President Donald Trump said the United States will impose a 5% tariff on all Mexican imports, effective June 10. Trump warned that the tariff will increase until "the illegal immigration problem is remedied."

10 things you need to know about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Evade tie fighters, zip into light speed and bring your cargo safely to its destination on this ride at Disneyland's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. Video by Disney Theme Parks

Hundreds of roads under water as historic flooding breaches levees and threatens communities

Record flooding continues for Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers, while severe weathers threatens the Great Lakes and the Mid Atlantic . CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the forecast and who is affected.

'SNL' star Leslie Jones tears into Alabama abortion law: 'You can't tell me what to do with my body'

On the season finale of SNL, Leslie Jones critiqued Alabama's restrictive anti-abortion bill, calling the restrictive new measures "a war on women".

5 things to know for May 23: Weather, Washington, Botswana, Philippines & Canada, AI

The human-like robot, Digit, is integrated with Ford's autonomous vehicles and can walk up stairs to deliver your packages right to your front door all by itself.

Women leaving violent situations come here because they can bring their pets

Fewer than 10% of domestic violence shelters offer services for pets. That's why Staci Alonso opened Noah's Animal House, allowing women to keep their pets close as they get back on their feet.

Women leaving violent situations come here because they can bring their pets

CNN Hero Staci Alonso knows first-hand that pets help their owners through trauma and tragedy. She is making sure that domestic abuse survivors and their pets can stay together.

Her deported dad couldn't attend graduation. So she wore her cap and gown to meet him on a border bridge

Sarai Ruiz's father was deported and unable to attend her high school graduation. So she met him on the US - Mexico bridge.

She was the world's smallest baby. Now she's a healthy infant

Baby Saybie was born at 23 weeks weighing 8.6 ounces. Now, the world's smallest surviving infant has been released from the hospital and is heading home.

5 things to know for May 30: Mueller, Israel, John McCain, Danube wreck, Notre Dame

After two years of silence, the world finally got to hear the voice of Robert Mueller. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the disappointment of some Twitter users who heard the result.

The continental US just had the wettest 12 months in the 124 years on record

Today marks the 14th consecutive day across the continental US where a tornado has touched down. While relief is in site flood concerns grow. CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the forecast.

A white campground employee is fired after pulling a gun on a black couple looking for a picnic site

A Mississippi campground facility has fired an employee accused of pulling a gun on a couple trying to find a picnic site.

The body of a missing hiker was found in Hawaii

Rescuers found the body of missing hiker Noah "Kekai" Mina in Maui, Hawaii. Mina, 35, had been "reported possibly missing" by Maui police on May 20, 2019.

First look: Living, breathing, eating Star Wars in Disney's new theme park land

Step inside Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, the largest ever expansion at Disneyland. See the rides, the food and the characters that Disney hopes will bring its rumored billion-dollar investment to life.

'Harry Potter' will soon add 4 new e-books to the wizarding world

The first "Harry Potter" book was published on June 26, 1997. In the 20 years since, the boy wizard has remained a cultural phenomenon.

Uncle of missing 5-year-old Utah girl charged; a body found near her home

Investigators in Utah have found remains they believe are those of a missing 5-year-old girl, Elizabeth Shelley. Her uncle was formally charged with aggravated murder and other charges.

5 things to know for May 30: Mueller, Israel, John McCain, Danube wreck, Notre Dame

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Trump administration wanted the USS John McCain "out of sight" during President Donald Trump's recent trip to Japan, and gave the sailors on the ship a day off. CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses with Wall Street Journal writer Rebecca Ballhaus.

5 things to know for May 30: Mueller, Israel, John McCain, Danube wreck, Notre Dame

Seven South Korean tourists are dead and 19 unaccounted for after a boat tour operating on the Danube collided with another vessel, according to South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Army Corps of Engineers reducing Keystone Dam output

As people cleaned up tornado debris in hard-hit sections of several states, millions are bracing for more bad weather across the Midwest.

Boris Johnson, favorite to be Britain's next PM, to face court for alleged Brexit lies

Britain's former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been summoned to appear in court for accusations he falsely claimed that Britain's membership of the European Union cost £350 million ($442 million) a week. CNN's Hala Gorani discusses with barrister Geoffrey Robertson.

Actor Ashton Kutcher testifies in the "Hollywood Ripper" murder trial

The trial of Michael Gargiulo has started in Los Angeles. Gargiulo, 43, is charged with the murders of Ashley Ellerin and Maria Bruno.

Ferrari's first plug-in hybrid supercar is also its most powerful

Ferrari has unveiled the SF90 Stradale. With 986 horsepower, it's the most powerful car in Ferrari's regular line-up.

Tornado crushes parts of Kansas, and 39 million are still under a severe weather threat

The Continental US has seen the threat of tornadoes with at least 1 reported touchdown for the past 13 days. Karen Maginnis has the details of who is at risk today.

Boy, 4, recovering from mountain lion attack in San Diego nature preserve

A 4-year-old boy is recovering from head injuries after he was attacked by a mountain lion at the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve in San Diego.

Helicopter does amazing tricks over Statue of Liberty

Lucky New Yorkers got a sneak peak of a Memorial Day airshow when pilot Aaron Fitzgerald flew seemingly impossible loops, twists and barrels with his Red Bull Aerobatic helicopter.

5 things to know for May 29: Abortion, Trump, tornadoes, Maui hiker, Legionnaires'

Cell phone footage captures the moment rescuers airlift a woman who went missing for more than two weeks after a hike in a Hawaii forest.

5 things to know for May 29: Abortion, Trump, tornadoes, Maui hiker, Legionnaires'

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) defends his decision to object to passage of a more than $19 billion disaster relief bill, further delaying the approval of funds that cleared the Senate last week with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Hawaii hiker says she followed a 'voice' down an unfamiliar trail. Then she got lost for 17 days.

Physical therapist Amanda Eller was found alive after she got lost on a hike on the Hawaiian island of Maui to connect with nature. CNN's Nick Watt has the story of how she survived for 17 days in the forest.

5 things to know for May 29: Abortion, Trump, tornadoes, Maui hiker, Legionnaires'

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos divorced in early 2019, theirs is the most expensive split in history. Here are some of the other priciest breakups.

After 13 straight days of devastating tornadoes, 39 million are still under severe weather threat

Western Ohio is cleaning up after severe storms and tornadoes left swaths of devastation, killing at least one person and injuring dozens as parts of the country brace for other severe weather threats. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.

The Army asked soldiers for their service stories. The replies were painful to read

A tweet from the US Army asking veterans to share stories of how serving affected them prompted a slew of gut-wrenching replies, including many first-hand accounts of living with post traumatic stress disorder.

Inspiring photo shows college grad standing in the fruit fields where her immigrant parents work

Erica Alfaro graduated from San Diego State University with a master's degree in education, with a concentration in counseling. She decided to honor her parents in her graduation photos, standing in her cap and gown with her parents, in work clothes, in the middle of the fruit fields where her mother still works.

'I looked up and I no longer had a roof.' A tornado ripped through this Ohio man's home in seconds

Ohio residents are witnessing the extensive damage left by a powerful tornado that ripped through the Dayton area. CNN's Ryan Young reports from Celina, Ohio.

This Gillette ad shows a man teaching his transgender son to shave

Gillette's new ad features a father teaching his transgender son how to shave for the first time.

5 things to know for May 28: Japan, weather, opioid trial, knife attack, Bill Buckner

Severe storms bring damaging tornadoes to Dayton, Ohio. Multiple power outages plague the area. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast and where this system is heading.

5 things to know for May 28: Japan, weather, opioid trial, knife attack, Bill Buckner

Bill Buckner, an elite hitter for 22 seasons, has died, according to Major League Baseball. He was 69.

Horses keep dying at Santa Anita racetrack. Here's what we know

Since December 26, 2018, 26 horses have died at Southern California's Santa Anita racetrack, leading animal rights activists to call for all races to be suspended. CNN's Nick Watt reports.

University of Wisconsin basketball coach Howard Moore's wife and daughter were killed in a car accident

University of Wisconsin assistant men's basketball coach Howard Moore lost his wife and young daughter in a head-on car accident near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

A 2-year-old boy was having trouble getting around. So employees at a Home Depot built him a walker

Home Depot employees built a walker for, Logan Moore, a 2-year-old boy with hypotonia, a syndrome that impacts muscle tone and makes stability a struggle.

A Utah judge was suspended for six months after he criticized Trump in court and on Facebook

A Utah judge has been suspended for six months over anti-Trump comments he made in court and on social media.

Tornado risk covers Chicago while 'catastrophic flooding' could hit Arkansas

Severe storms continue shift to the Lower Great Lakes, bringing severe storms and a chance of tornadoes to the Chicago area. CNN meteorologist Karen Maginnis has the forecast.

Jayme Closs' full statement at her kidnapper's sentencing: 'I was brave. He was not'

Jake Patterson, the 21-year-old Wisconsin man who kidnapped Jayme Closs after killing her parents and held her in a remote cabin for 88 days , was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

How the Hate Crimes Task Force fights to make New York City safe for all

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is taking a unique approach to supporting survivors of identity-based crimes — precincts are partnering with a survivor's advocacy group to help people get the care they need.

Shark attack kills man swimming off Maui, authorities say

A 65-year-old man was killed after he was attacked by a shark while swimming off the coast of Maui, according to authorities.

A 5-year-old Utah girl is missing. Police have a suspect but won't say why

Police in Logan, Utah, are continuing their search for a missing 5-year-old girl who was last seen at home by her mother in the middle of the night.

Legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr dies at 85

Bart Starr, the Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers quarterback who won the first two Super Bowl titles in the 1960s, died at the age of 85.

Legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr dies at 85

Bart Starr's wife, Cherry Louise Morton, describes a time she panicked over a phone call about the Super Bowl legend's ring.

A 47-year-old man is charged with giving drugs to a 13-year-old and dropping her off at a hospital, where she died

A 47-year-old man who brought a 13-year-old to a Massachusetts hospital shortly before she died has been charged with giving the girl drugs, prosecutors said.

A special delivery, a life-saving offer and a gorgeous view

Longtime mail carrier Floyd Martin retired from his neighborhood route in Georgia and neighbors decorated their mailboxes for him, presented him with gifts and threw a tearful block party. CNN's Jake Tapper reports.

Two dead after a reported tornado touches down in Oklahoma

Two people are dead after a possible tornado touched down in El Reno, Oklahoma, according to Canadian County Emergency Management Director Andrew Skidmore. Multiple people were injured as it likely tore through a mobile home park, Fire Chief Kent Lagaly told CNN.

A wild police chase in California had multiple collisions and dogs leaping from a stolen RV

A suspect who led California Highway Patrol officers on a wild high-speed chase through the San Fernando Valley has been arrested.

Utah man dies descending Mount Everest

British Olympian Victoria Pendleton and adventurer Ben Fogle put their bodies to the test to see how they cope at altitude.

A healthy dog was euthanized so it could be buried with its owner

Law professor Gary Francione tells CNN's Michael Smerconish the reasons why it's not unusual that a pet owner had her dog euthanized and buried with her upon her own death.

Drivers honked as a man in a wheelchair raced home during a storm. This teen stopped to push him all the way

Gregory Beck was on his way to his St. Louis home in his wheelchair when tornado sirens sounded. 16-year-old Seth Phillips and his mother, Amber Gilleylen, stopped their car so Seth could push him the rest of the way home.

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