Pickleball, fastest growing sport in the nation

players explain the fastest growing sport in America, pickleball

Posted: Sep 8, 2019 10:59 PM
Updated: Sep 8, 2019 10:59 PM

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alright switching gears. theres badminton, ping pong, and tennis, all three are totally different sports all three are played in three different ways. but what if i told you one of the fastest growing sports in america combines all three into one. well its true and it's called pickle ball and theres a league that goes by the name of tap right here in tupelo. take a look. nats no ping pong table, no tennis court, its more like... "ping pong on steroids" and although it's one of the fastest growing sports in america, it didn't spark any interest to the people here in the tupelo...at first. "i couldn't find anyone here to play, no one had even heard of the game." so how did it become one of the fastest growing sports in america? "the reason is it's a easy sport to learn how to play but it's a very difficult sport to master." former u.s. representative joel pritchard started pickle ball in washington state in the 1960's. since its birth, the number of locations to play pickleball has quadrupled in the states and internationally. and according to the tupelo league vice president in pickleball age is nothing but a number. "it's suitable for all ages. kids as young as seven or eight can play, and people my age and older. i've played with 82 year-olds 92 year-olds and they beat me and they beat younger players." even those with previous injuries and certain debilitating diseases can play. "i has to quit tennis because of my shoulder." "in fact we have a player with parkinson's who says when he's playing his parkinson's doesn't bother him as much." and one other perk to pickleball "if the ball hits you it won't hurt much." thats a look at sports. more news and weather after this.
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