Possible beer sales coming to Booneville

Boonevile residents petition to make the sale of beer legal in Booneville

Posted: Aug 29, 2019 9:31 PM
Updated: Aug 29, 2019 9:31 PM

Speech to Text for Possible beer sales coming to Booneville

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it happen . right now people here in booneville have to travel to places like corinth to purchase beer and alcohol but in just over a month that could all change. store shelves ." (john cowin/ resident) "the community is too conservative, they don't want it there not going to get it. yeah, it's just not going to happen." although beer sales are legal in some parts of northeast ms, residents like john cowin don't think that luxury will come to booneville anytime soon. "as much as prentiss county would love to have it and i know a lot of them would the majority is against it." according to the city clerk, the possibility of beer sales in booneville are more likely than some think. ((full screen)) headline: voice of booneville city clerk sub header: la vaile shields "it has to be a 20 percent margin of registered voters and that 20 percent is 930. so there's two separate petitions that was given." this document from city hall shows that 983 residents in boonville petitioned for the sale of beer and light wine. 946 petitioned for the sale of liquor. from here ((fullscreen)) -the board of alderman will vote if the board approves the measure. then the voting commission will need to approve it. from there .. residents will have 30 days after the publishing date to vote on the measure. this is separate from the november election . i spoke with some store owners who say this could help to bring more money into booneville. (ritesh patel/ store owner) "it's a big revenue for the city and the city needs money to build for things like roadways and everything like that and the beer brings a lot of money to the city." if the board of alderman pass this on tuesday, booneville will be one step closer to seeing beer on local convenience store shelves. if and when ithe board of alderman pass it. the residents would cast their vote at the booneville community center. reporting live in booneville wtva 9 news. today, not a drop of rain
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