Ole Miss to decide on alcohol sales, MSU says no

Ole Miss to decide on alcohol sales, MSU says no 8/29/19

Posted: Aug 29, 2019 6:29 PM
Updated: Aug 29, 2019 6:29 PM

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leonard. with college football right around the corner, the university of mississippi is deciding if it will join six other s- e-c schools in selling alcohol in its football stadium. mississippi state university has already announced it will not. wtvas nicole dantzler joins us live with students' reactions to the announcement.. some students i spoke to said they were disappointed in the university's decision,, but others said it doesn't make a difference because they'll purchase alcohol from somewhere else.. "i feel like it would cause us to want to leave the games sooner." courtney slattery said she was disappointed when she heard m-s-u would not be selling alcohol at davis wade stadium this school year. but thats not stopping her and other students from from having a good time.. "it might cause a little frustration but i guess they could pregame like most people would do." "yea i'm definitely tailgating and pregaming for sure." the daily mississippian reports,, the ole miss interim athletic director, keith carter, said he expects the university to decide whether or not they'll sell alcohol in vaught hemingway stadium this season. six s-e-c schools announced they will sell alcohol in their football stadiums since the conference lifted its ban early this summer. m-s-u is one of the multiple schools that will not sell any for the 2019 season. "during the game is just not not going to be that big of a deal because i feel like everyone's going to be focused on the dogs and whether we're doing good or not. "i think the whole idea of it was to increase our school spirit and to keep people at the games longer and so like i don't know hopefully it will happen in the future." carter said administration will meet this week and make an announcement before the rebels home opener game. live in starkville nicole dantzler wtva nine news. and with
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