Candidates for governor talk about upcoming election

The two nominees who will be face-off for governor on November 5 began to talk about what is to come after the runoff election came to an end on Tuesday.

Posted: Aug 28, 2019 10:32 PM
Updated: Aug 28, 2019 10:32 PM

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but first, now that the runoff has come to an end, the sights are now on the november general election... wtva's evan hensley joins us live with what the two remaining candidates are saying about the campaign and their opponent... and we are down to two... attorney general jim hood with the democratic nomination and lieutenant governor tate reeves who gained the republican nomination just last night... and the two are already talking about what looks to be a long and hard fought campaign till the big day... ." tate reeves - (r) candidate for governor "the national liberals have drawn a line in the sand. they are on one side with their candidate jim hood. the conservatives are on the other side and after tonight you are standing with me." (nat) tate reeves talked about jim hood in his victory speech last night.. we spoke with hood earlier about his thoughts on how the runoff election could help him... jim hood - (d) candidate for governor "he got 53 - 54 percent. i think a lot of judge wallers voter are going to come over to us for this election. many have already told me to get it in the first place." and in his speech reeves went on the offensive... "he is pushing policies that have already failed with promises that the democrats already broke. using money that is currently in your pocket books." "jim hood will tell you that welfare in washington are the only things we need to make everybody happy." while hood talked about reeves financial support to out of state corporations. "the reason we don't have the money to fix the roads and bridge is because they gave it all away. tate reeves and his minions have given away around 768 million dollars that's three quarters of a billion dollars." hood told us where he believes his votes are coming from to take home the victory... "i think that mississippi is a third republican, a third democrat and a third independent. the independents in the middle have won the election for me every-time." we are only 69 days until the election... hood has proposed three debates before the big day... reporting live in tupelo eh wtva 9 news well, it seems the weather
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