Fulton Telephone holds ceremony to kick-start internet service

Aug. 27, 2019

Posted: Aug 28, 2019 11:34 AM
Updated: Aug 28, 2019 11:34 AM

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i'm craig ford. emily leonard has the evening off. fulton telephone company residents will so have access to high-speed internet service . the company held a ground breaking this afternoon to announce the service . wtva's wayne hereford was there to see just what this will mean for customers. standup.."i'm inside the caffeinated indian a coffee shop here in fulton where today a very historic thing took place involving the fulton telephone company and the federal government. u.s. senator roger wicker with one push of a button brought high- speed internet service to the caffeinated indian and brought it up to a tremendous speed on the internet. something that pleases the owner. danny stovall-owner- "really enjoying the speed. that's the biggest thing with our young people is we're really enjoying the speed" earlier, the fulton telephone made the big announcement that they will soon provide that service to 3500 customers that use use their company. its something that both a u.ss senator and the head of the federal communications commission are excited about. "what we're talking about is 35-hundred additional mississippians having the best form of high-speed broadband." "what i hear consistently from folks is that they want access to the same opportunities as people in the big cities and broadband is at the top of that list." standup .."now it won't be long before every customer on fulton telephone company's lines will have access to this very unique service. in fulton wayne hereford wtva nine news. are you ready for the labor day
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