Reeves and Waller talk change in GOP runoff debate

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves and Former Chief Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court Bill Waller focused on Medicaid, roads and the economy in the GOP runoff debate on Wednesday.

Posted: Aug 21, 2019 9:45 PM
Updated: Aug 21, 2019 9:45 PM

Speech to Text for Reeves and Waller talk change in GOP runoff debate

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runoff debate wrapped up earlier this evening in jackson... wtva's evan hensley joins us in studio with what the two remaining candidates discussed. both lieutenant governor tate reeves and former mississippi supreme court chief justice bill waller met to talk about what separates them from each-other as we get closer to the run off election... and the conversation surrounded two things... medicaid and roads... pkg tate reeves "i'm apposed to obamacare expansion i'm actually the only person running for governor who is against it. i do not believe that putting 300,00 more people in mississippi on public health care is a good idea." lieutenant governor tate reeves says that the boost of medicare is bad for mississippi.... meanwhile, judge bill waller says that the state needs it keep the medical field alive... bill waller "it would be a billion dollars a year to our 115 hospitals at no tax payer expense. the track record is there, the need is there. we can not be closing hospitals." when it comes to the the fixing of roads... the two are also at a cross roads over the addition of a tax at gas stations... "we need to have something where everyone pays for it, the unemployed, the drug dealers the out of state motorists that;'s the ronald reagan plan." "i'm the only candidate running for governor is opposed to raising the gas tax. both bill waller and attorney general jim hood are for the gas tax." but both candidates took the time to talk about some of the issues with both access to high speed internet and to the local drivers license bureaus... "rural areas need good internet service, i think that is a great suggestion, we do need to have access for drivers license and other important things." "in today's world more and more mississippian are going to locate near connectivity." that runoff election is just 6 days away. the winner of that will take on democratic nominee attorney general jim hood in november.. daniella/emily back to you... there are a few things voters will need to remember when they go back to the polls next week... polls will open tuesday at seven in the morning and stay open until seven that night. if you voted democrat in the election two weeks ago you can only vote democrat in the upcoming runoff... the same for the republican ballot. in the statewide races... like governor and attorney general.... there are only republican runoffs to choose from... there are no runoffs for state races on the democratic ballot. and if you are a registered voter who did not vote in the august 6th primary.... you can vote in either the democrat or the republican ballot. it will get easier in november when there is only one ballot that lists all parties. and with only a week left... reeves has nearly 10-times the amount of campaign money to spend than waller. documents filed with the secretary of state's office this week.... show reeves has nearly three and a half million in his account. while retired mississippi supreme court chief justice bill waller jr. reports only about 350- thousand cash-on-hand. it should be a heated campaign...
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