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Heat causes dangers for homeless people

A Tupelo woman is spending her time to help homeless people stay hydrated.

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 5:12 PM
Updated: Aug 14, 2019 9:52 AM

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a winston county woman.. coroner scott gregory confirmed the 74-year-old woman died on monday. she was mowing during the mid- afternoon, and she was found slumped over after the mower struck a tree. she also had other underlying health issues as well.. and now folks are being urged to stay inside and cool. but not everyone can do that. wtvas amanda haley has more on how these dangerously high temperatures are effecting people and what one woman is doing to make a change. today is one of the hottest days we have seen yet this year. with temperatures feeling like over 11o degrees, many people are trying to stay hydrated and spending most their time in the air conditioning one woman has taken it upon herself to help hydrate the homeless citizens in the area. sara ekiss is a member of muteh, mississippi united to end homelessness, an organization that works to help homeless people find housing. ekiss has spent the day today passing out waters, powerades, and ice packs to anyone she can find that is in need. according to ekiss, through her time with muteh, she has made a lot of friendships in the homeless community. ((sot)) sara ekiss, mississippi united to end t:10 oc: hydrated and safe ekiss says this is soemthing she will continue to do, even as the temperatures begin to cool off in the next few days. as of right now... my thermometer says it is (xxx) degrees. ekiss wants to urges others to help those who cant help themselves by donating some water. ah reporting for wtva, live in tupelo. a man
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