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Oxford police host active shooter prevention training

Aug. 8, 2019

Posted: Aug 8, 2019 11:40 PM
Updated: Aug 9, 2019 9:54 AM

Speech to Text for Oxford police host active shooter prevention training

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that's ahead... but first recent shootings in texas.. and ohio... and even here... at this one at this walmart in mississippi show us the importance of being trained and ready... in oxford... police held an active shooting class for the public... wtva's evan hensley attended the event. he joins us live with what he learned. the communtiesnof el paso and dayton have been on the minds of people across the country. that's why the police here in oxford want to help keep everyone prepared.. pkg major jeff mccutchen - interim chief "over the last year it;s been asked more and mroe of us. the stste of mississippi has actually enacted a law where we have to goto the local schools and teahs teachers and staff." interim chief jeff mccutchen says that recne tevents have led up to this training... "it scares yu, it should. that shouldn't' be the norm. to look at those events it makes us think how can we respond how can we adjust our training." so the police department is preparing people.. to look for exits and buildings and how to make sure they survive dangerous situations.. "if they rehearse the plan, if they talk it about at home, talk about it at work. again if you know and rehears for it and prepare for it your likelihood of survival goes through the roof." one oxford resident shared with e the new saying to help educate others on active shooters... alexandria white - oxford "we learned stop drop and roll when we were young now it is avoid, deny, deflect." alexandria wghite says she has taught her only child what to do in the situation... "i was talking to her about if you hear shootings it's not firworks in the middle of the day. it's gun shots. rather be safe then sorry run." chief mccutchen said that this training is open to any and all and that he wants people in the community to go to there place of work and pitch the teaching of this training to local buisness to stay prepared... reporting live in oxford eh wtva 9 news as
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