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Family, friends host prayer and justice rally for Water Valley man

Aug. 5, 2019

Posted: Aug 6, 2019 11:23 AM
Updated: Aug 6, 2019 2:54 PM

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the defense team for a water valley man held a rally earlier this evening...asking for justice. attorney carlos moore released a picture of his client, david logan, a week ago today following a recent arrest a warning: this is a picture that maybe hard for some to see. last monday, wtva 9 news spoke with sheriff lance humphreys about the incident. humphreys defended his deputies saying in part that logan kicked and hit the officers and tried to physically run over one. the sheriff says officers used a taser but that had no effect. it's their belief at the time of the arrest he was under the influence of ecstasy or pure meth. wtva's daniella oropeza attended that rally. she joins us with what logan's defense team plans to do next. ." they called it a prayer and justice rally for david logan and it was held at the spring hill m.b. church.over a hundred people attended this event...including logan himself.his defense team told his side of the incident from july 18th and explained how they plan to fight for justice. :"the picture speaks volumes. a picture is worth a thousand words." attorney carlos moore first held a press ling the media his client did not resist arrest and was unarmed. logan -- just feet away from his attorney --was visibly upset...even having to step away in tears.moore contends law enforcement's story is incorrect...sayin g logan told officers his license was suspended, he was not under the influence of ecstasy or pure meth and there was not a bag of illegal drugs dropped from his car. according to moore, logan suffered a severe concussion, has double vision, has nightmares along with other injuries. "everyone who played a part in this assault will pay." standup: a prayer and justice rally was held right after that press conference in the sanctuary of the church. as you can see logan was surrounded by friends and family who are supporting him during this time. "what has happened to him, it shouldn't happen to no one." one of logan's cousins, casandra folson said their family is heart broken. "we want justice. we want justice for dc. we want the police officers that beat him. we want them to pay for it." "we're sending a message loud and clear to everyone involved that we are going to fight this until the very end and we're going to bring in the best of the best." as live tag:it's by law that logan's defense team give those involved a 90 day notice before filing a federal lawsuit.moore also told me the fbi began an investigation today. i did reach out to sheriff lance humphreys regarding this event. he said...he said what he had to say last monday. and said there was nothing to add or take away from it. in water valley. daniella oropeza. wtva nine news. at , matt's here with a first look at our
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