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WTVA story helps investigators track New Albany quick-change artist

Aug. 5, 2019

Posted: Aug 5, 2019 7:40 PM
Updated: Aug 6, 2019 2:54 PM

Speech to Text for WTVA story helps investigators track New Albany quick-change artist

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in a case out of union county. a quick change artist made off with 18-hundred dollars from a new albany bank and has not been seen since. wtva's wayne hereford joins us live in new albany with how this case could have an international connection. that's right . i spoke with two investigators with the new albany police department about the quick change artist . they say he might be part of a ring or such artists that operate in both the u.s. and overseas. requests and denominations ." these are pictures of the man who investigators say walked away with with some 18-hundred dollars from the bna bank in new albany last week. they say he came inside confused the teller and walked away with the money . they told us a little bit more about how he confused the teller . one investigator says the the man went into bna bank with about 4-thousand dollars worth of one hundred dollar bills wanting to exchange them for all fifties. the teller , who spoke with a supervisor,gets the fifties from a couple of other tellers. investigators say the teller exchanges the fifties for the hundreds but the man then asks for some other denominations this time in canadian money. the branch bank, they say, can not exchange foreign money so they give the hundreds back to the man. during this whole time, they say, the man is acting strangely placing his hands and arms across the counter. when they tell him they will have to get his money from the main branch downtown, he changes his mind again reaches up on the counter grabs a stack of fifties withojt the teller knowing it. the teller, meanwhile is still trying to complete the transaction and has moved the remainder of his money out of his reach and goes to speak to a supervisor again about the canadian money. when she and the supervisor return, the man decides he doesn't want the change after all and decides to leave. the teller , begins to count up the money in her drawer and discovers she is 18 hundred dollars short. all of it in fifties. he confused the teller the investigator said, by continually changing his requests and denominations. new albany p.d. investigator jeff chism says he received a phone call thursday august first from an an investigator with the santa clara district attorney's office. the california investigator had a hunch who the bna change artist might be. he wanted to know about the case having learned about wtva's story through a computer alert system which tracks news stories. the california investigator sent a photo of the bna bank change artist to an investigator in the u.k. where they have photo- recognition software. there they have come up with photos and a name of a man from romania . he says the man appears to be part of a group of four or five men fly into the u.s. rent a vehicle and go around to different towns and banks pull quick changes and then fly out of the country. police believe they have a match but they are not saying right now as the investigation is ongoing. reporting live in new albany, wayne hereford, wtva 9 news. the lowndes county
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