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Skilled to Work: Medical pathways at NEMCC

Northeast Mississippi Community College is preparing leaders to become the faces of medical facilities.

Posted: Aug 5, 2019 5:39 PM
Updated: Aug 6, 2019 2:56 PM

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while the nursing industry continues to grow so does the demand for administrative staff. w-t-va's kayla thompson continues our skilled to work series with how northeast community college is training leaders... standard ." "there's just so much that this class gave to me that let me go back and i think it's helped make me a better leader." mary evetts decided to go back to school at northeast mississippi community college and enhance her skills through the medical pathway program... "i heard about the course from an instructor from the northeast extension center...and i thought oh i can't do this i'm too old." evetts didn't let her age stand in the way...she went on to graduate from the program...and says she learned the importance of paying attention. "you can leave one number off send it to medicare and it comes back denied. all because you didn't pay attention. we're dealing with people's lives. we're dealing with their income." medical pathways is basic training for anything in the medical field but focuses mostly on administration... "we have the medical office procedures class which is the basics of billing and you have medical terminology which is the fundamentals of coding." charlie smart is the career pathways coordinator and says this is for anyone beginning or continuing in the medical field. "they may not be ready to go into the nursing program, but this is a no cost way to see what they want to do and build their confidence. (stand up) classes are monday and wednesday nights on the northeast campuses in new albany and corinth... vickie hopkins is the medical assisting program director and instructor...who also graduated from the program years ago...and says there is an increased demand for administrative staff... "there is a great need for employees that can work in administrative areas and understand customer service and understand patient data and doing that data entry for insurance purposes and billing." -nats- hopkins says that students also find ease during the job search... "we have excellent placement with our graduates, and we meet all the national thresholds and our average threshold that we've been meeting with job placement is at 83 percent over the last 5 years" . mary evetts has already been promoted plans to continue to be a leader in the workplace... "i'd like to be the office manager because i believe i could give our back and attitude adjustment." reporting in booneville, kt wtva 9 news... believe i could give our back and attitude adjustment." reporting in booneville, kt wtva 9 news... for more information or to the number at the bottom of your screen... we could see a
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