Skilled to Work: Nursing assistants program

Itawamba Community College is developing certified nursing assistants through a 10-week program.

Posted: Jul 22, 2019 7:15 PM
Updated: Jul 23, 2019 9:13 AM

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w-t-v-a's kayla thompson continues our skilled to work series with how icc is preparing the next generation of nurses. i went on facebook and i was like, can anybody help me?" that post and a conversation with counselor at mississippi state university set tianna graham on a path to becoming a certified nursing assistant ... "it was really just a stepping stone and aspect to my future which is to become a physician's assistant." tianna graham is preparing for her future in a classroom at the itawamba community college belden campus... "it's probably the best opportunity i could get on a college budget and i really enjoy this." the cost of this class is 425 dollars...however, graham is a recepient of a grant, which covers her tuition... "that's a big bonus for me because i take that money and use it while in college now and build that money up for a pa school." like tianna, kenesha gary wants to be a part of the health care field and sees this as a great opportunity to get started... "i wanna be an rn for women's health mostly, so becoming a cna is a great start for that." since we are getting older and living longer...c-n-a's are in high demand...most of the students find a job starting out in a nursing home, medical center, with a home healthcare provider, or in clinics... stand up: with the skills learned at i-c-c... students will know how to properly take care of patients when they hit the workfield. lisa cullum has been teaching this class for 15 years ...emphasizing on the basics of nursing... "we teach the activities of daily living it's vital signs. it's how to wash your hands. its range of motion skills, pulling someone up in the bed, feeding, mouth care, that type of thing." there are requirements before enrolling in the class.... "you have to take the workeys assessments, it requires a silver level that is a national credential that is used all over the country and is a standard that employers use as a standard to see what the student is capable of doing." for graduates of the program there is a high turn over rate... "the people in this area are really good about hiring our students." at the end of this 10 week program tianna graham will be one step closer to her dream job. "one day i'll work with a physician and do pediatrics or family dynamics to continue doing what i love." tag out: in tupelo zannie w, kayla thompson wtva 9 news. if you've completed the
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