New blues exhibit opens at the Union County Heritage Museum

July 18, 2019

Posted: Jul 18, 2019 6:35 PM
Updated: Jul 19, 2019 9:42 AM

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have his face on display in new albany. wtvas amanda haley joins us live from the union county heritage museum where a life casting event took place today. im here at the new cast of blues exhibit at the union county heritage museum. the walls are covered with 40 face impressions of mississippi blues music legends. artist sharon mcdonnell- dickerson takes pride in being able to portray the history of the genre she loves. my lost sight ." to kick off the opening of the exhibit today at noon dickerson and her two life casting partners, terri massey and her husband david dickerson did a casting of mississippi blues legend sam mosley. sot-sharon mcconnell-dickerson- cast of blues- trt: 12 oc: face really "the life casting process captures the bone structure, the muscle, the pores, the scars and the essence of the face really." mosley has toured the world playing blues for over 40 years but he got his musical start right here in new albany in 1956. dickerson and her partners spent a couple hours demonstrating and explaining the casting process to visitors at the museum. mosley's cast will join the cast of blues once completed. according to dickerson, her goal is to create a touchable tribute to the blues musicians of mississippi. and according to susie brown, who was at the exhibit today, what dickerson is doing will leave a lasting impression on mississippi. sot- susie brown- union county- trt: 7-oc: "theres just so much history here and so much opportunity for people to learn and it makes me really proud to be from mississippi." vo dickerson is a new england native who was a flight attendant for people like the bush family, the trumps, and several other well-known people. her life suddenly changed at the age of 27. dickerson woke up blind and was later diagnosed with uveitis, a serious eye disease. after several surgeries and a continued loss of vision, she decided to lean towards sculpture. sot-sharon mcconnell-dickerson- cast of blues- trt: 7 oc: sense of sight "with a disability, doing art is a way i access my lost sense of sight." now she is almost 100% blind and is seeking venues to exhibit her work, share lessons, and talk about her life. according to dickerson, she insists all of her exhibits be accessible to people with disabilities. she also says her exhibits are please touch to allow visitors to physically feel her artwork. ah in union county, wtva 9 news. still more news ahead
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