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CRA takes over 12 properties for project, owners resist

Columbus Redevelopment Authority takes eminent domain action on 12 properties in Burns Bottom.

Posted: Jul 18, 2019 5:56 PM
Updated: Jul 18, 2019 5:56 PM

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redevelopment authority is taking over twelve properties. this after the president said the property owners refused to cooperate. wtvas nicole dantzler talked to some homeowners and is live with why they are reluctant to sell their homes as part of columbus' multi million dollar improvement project.. for years the cra has been working to redevelop burns bottom in downtown columbus. so far theyve demolished some homes but of the 28 properties that remain..some owners say the cra did not offer them the right price. ." columbus homeowner, 00-05) redevelopment authority. 50-55) "i moved over here in 1977 and i was renting, but i started buying it in the year 1978. rachel barry- columbus home owner rt-0:06 rachel barry lives on third street north and fourth avenue north. she said she was surprised to hear the columbus redevelopment authority was taking eminent domain action on her home. she said in order for her to sell her home, she needs an offer that reflects its true value. ((sot)) "well i don't deny the city needs improving.. i see this is a good thing, but i also see that they should not give us substandard housing to live in." the columbus redevelopment authority targeted 74 properties in burns bottom, with plans to demolish and redevelop them. cra president john acker said for four years he contacted the owners of the 12 properties they wanted to acquire. "talking to these property owners trying to correspond with them and just have dialogue to say hey how can we make this work?' and then basically they're refusing to have dialogue and not trying to work with us." john acker- columbus redevelopment authority president rt-0:16 he said columbus has a 3.2 million dollar bond for this improvement project. rachel barry said she wants someone from the cra to contact her about her home. meanwhile john acker said hes ready to settle with yhe twelve property owners. live in columbus nicole dantzler wtva nine news. a former
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