Skilled to Work: Robotics

Students at Northeast Community College are staying tech-savvy through a robotics program.

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 5:33 PM
Updated: Jul 16, 2019 9:40 AM

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will let you know. stay indoors, stay away from windows and with this out. >>> it's becoming a part of manytech jobs... uge part of our li w-t-v-a's kayla thompsonves. the continues our skilled to work f it series with how robotics are. part changing the industry.. of many. open slug and what some people are doingn to stay tech savvy in new continues with skilled work series. how robotics is albany... (nats of robot) with robotics..anita red is cha trying create more opportunities for herself and set an example. lower third "i'm also trying to bring my adjuster. how some d nephews into with show them that it's an option and i think once they'll get into it they'll like it and want to stay. " she first stepped into industrye in 1998 and left in 2008. do c "i actually left the industry a few years ago for my family, and thing technology has changed so muchs that i'm behind." but she won't be behind for long. anita red has enrolled in the workforce program at northeasts new mississippi community college. (nats) monday through friday 8 a.m to . >> reporter: through robotics, p.m. classes are in session. this is a 2 part 25 hour program .which students can complete at his or her own pace. lower third "they can come in and take these robotics courses and exceed their work wherever they're great opportunities for herself. >> trying to bring my workin. if they are doing industrial maintenance or tool and die work, they do these classes onn and nephews the side and make a little extr. they can actually come and learn and money while doing it." kyle carpenter is an instructor of the course, who knows first han. to how robotics are changing the s to do. i am industry. sure once they get "i got to see how these robotics take the position of people, bu they will love it. >> you'ro maintenance that robotic." in a erate robotics and maam will to make a lot of money (laughs)... tprovide to anyone eligible.treporter: step industry in wtva 9 news. anchor: to ap 1988. left in 2008. >> i left the industry a few years ago for my family. technology has changed so much i'm behind. >> reporter: she will not be behind for long. enrolled in workforce program at the community college. monday through friday 8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m., class in session. two-part program that students can complete at his or her own pace. >> coming if they do industrial maintenance or tool and i work come in here to do classes on the side of the time and make extra money doing it. >> reporter: the instructor of the course who knows firsthand how robotics are changing the industry. >> i got to see how robotics take possession of a person running a mill or yet to have the person to maintenance robot. >> reporter: in a few weeks she will be certified to operate and maintain. she knows it will pay off in the end. >> i'm going to make a lot of money. >> reporter: training $299, assistance can be provided to those over to the northeast community college campus in new albany... eligible. we want to apply, head
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