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Candidates turn out to Jacinto once again

Gubernatorial hopefuls make their pitch on the historic courthouse lawn

Posted: Jul 4, 2019 6:55 PM
Updated: Jul 4, 2019 6:55 PM

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always been the place to be on july 4th. and it was no different today where several gubernatorial candidates were among those seeking votes. wayne hereford was there and joins us live from alcorn county where he interviewed the candidates. that's right. there is always an air of excitement in a gubernatorial election year at jacinto. its history runs all the way back to the 1800s when it was the hub of one large county that included alcorn, tishiomingo, and prentiss counties . like those on hand, we wanted to know what their priorities will be if elected. few places in north mississippi have as much historical significance as the old jacinto courthouse. "there would have been a lot of politicking in the 1800s too. jacinto itself was huge." and on this hot july fourth in 2019 it is still a big gathering place which is why those running for governor came to share their ideas.(beth whitehurst executive director the jacinto foundation) "we need to have a healthcare bill that the votes are in the legislature to pass to keep a billion dollars of federal money in our state to keep our rural hospitals open. you know in houston our emergency room closed .amory was in bankruptcy .and fourth we've got to clean up our legislature." there were others on hand who would like a shot at the state's highest office. one is the lieutenant governor. "i believe very strongly that mississippi is headed in the right direction .and that we need a governor strong enough to take us to our full potential. i'm honored to have governor bryan't support in this campaign. and i look forward to working with president trump not against president trump for the next four years." but reeves has two other republican challengers who spoke at jacinto as well. "my platform is just what the people in north mississippi are interesed in . we're interested in education, healthcare, and roads and bridges. the education. the truth is we've got a crisis with our teachers we've got to do a better job with our pay."(waller) "there's two really big issues that is facing our state. one is our education system is really flawed. and we've put everybody on a one- track path to preparing for college and everybody's not meant for college . we need to put skilled labor opportunities back into every single high school in our state. and teach our young people .that there's other paths that they can be successful with in this world other that just going to college." there were other candidates seeking to be governor hoping to convince someone that their plan is the best . but jacinto is more than just a political stomping ground. some were there for other reasons. "every fourth of july i come down here to watch the festivities. do you like politics? not really. i wanted to see the indian line dancing and the country line dancing ."(catherine roseberry jacinto so once again the courthouse at jacinto kept up the tradition on the fourth bringing political hopefuls from all over the state . in alcorn county wayne hereford wtva nine news. the grills are going and the
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