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Three governor candidates visit north Mississippi

Three gubernatorial candidates spoke about hot topics for the state.

Posted: Jun 24, 2019 11:00 PM
Updated: Jun 25, 2019 9:29 AM

Speech to Text for Three governor candidates visit north Mississippi

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not everyday all three of the republican candidates who are running for mississippi governor are in our area at the same time.... today wtvas taylor smith attended several campaign events for a chance to speak with all of them she joins us live with what they discussed surprise! we thought we only were going to get to speak with two candidates but we got all three im at the union county court house now where not too long ago bill waller jr and robert foster spoke and i got a chance to speak with lt gov tate reeves in tupleo as well all three candidates all had very different issues on their agenda to talk about today nats of song there was a packed court room at the union county court house this evening.... most attendees there to hear waller and foster talk about their campaign wallers first topic on the agenda... education sot: "our number one issue is education and our school teachers are the lowest paid in the nation and we got an election year pay raise and so i want to lead the state and i think whatever we can do every year i want to make it priority." after education he mentioned he wants to get a better funding source for mississippis roads and bridges and third on his list sot: "we've got to have accessible health care no industry is going to relocation and no one is going to move if you don't have a good hospital" foster on the other hand had other things on his mind sot: "there's two really big ones... one is we got to get votech back into every single high school everybody is not meant to go to college we have to give our children options and we have to give them options while they are in high school and give them an ability to earn a living outside of school when they graduate" he says this in hopes of less people going into great debt and foster did not forget to talk about the issue of taxes sot: "second is we have a very bad tax structure here we're ranked at the very bottom in mississippi. we need to look at moving away at a personal income tax which over taxes the working people of our state" lt gov reeves was down in tupelo instead of new albany at trigger time talking about our second amendment rights sot:" i feel very strongly about protecting our second amendment rights look i grew up hunting and fishing..." but reeves expresses it goes deeper than that sot: "i support the castle doctrine which allows us to ensure that if someone enters our home unknowingly and unwilling to try to commit a crime we can protect ourselves and our family" a lot of different topics and a lot of information thrown at you there do not worry you have time to study up on these issues before you vote for the republican primary on august 6th live in new albany taylor smith wtva nine news
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