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Skilled to Work: Furniture Manufacturing

Employees are finding long-lasting careers in the furniture manufacturing industry.

Posted: Jun 24, 2019 6:10 PM
Updated: Jun 24, 2019 6:10 PM

Speech to Text for Skilled to Work: Furniture Manufacturing

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furniture manufacturing is an industry very prominent in north mississippi.. w-t-v-a's kayla thompson continues our skilled to work series with how many people find longevity in furniture manufacturing... standard ." "26 years" that's how long mary fitzpatrick has been in the furniture manufacturing industry... she's spent 10 years working inside of the behold washington poly plant and enjoys it... "i love it and you know i'll tell anybody." inside of the poly plant employees and machine build the cushions we use in our furniture from scratch... nats break "we do these, we put the fiber on them and then we glue them, and then they take them across the road to make the couches out of them." stand up: some of the most unique pieces of furniture are put together by hand gluers (spray glue) alongside the hand gluers there are employees, like jessica robbins responsible for supplying the spray line... "i push up the cushions help get the fiber, i have someone that feeds the line, help down stack we have to down stack the cushions. jessica robbins has been working in factories all her life and finds this to be the best way to provide for her family... "i have kids i have to support. it's a job that i come in doing every day." salaries range from 10 to 14 dollars an hour...according to the job... (spray gun noise) you don't have to have degree or diploma to work inside of the poly plant... the company makes about 4 thousand cushions a day for the arms,back,,and seats of furniture... mary fitzpatrick says she loves creating working in this industry, but she will retire soon... "i'm the oldest person in here but when i get done from here. i'm through!" behold washington is expanding their operation,which will create 20 new jobs.. reporting in pontotoc, kt wtva 9 news... for more information about behold washington and the expansion,,,, log on to w-t-v-a dot com...
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