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Fentanyl use on the rise across the State

What ask an expert about why the drug is such a big problem

Posted: Jun 19, 2019 9:19 PM
Updated: Jun 19, 2019 9:19 PM

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that has an entire county wondering what happened. two dead, three others in hospitals, after they used illegal narcotics laced with the deadly drug fentanyl. to show craig and emily the question now: what is fentanyl, and why is it so deadly? wtva's wayne hereford spent the day trying to answer that question. he joins us live in booneville with what he's learned. i talked with a man named jamie richey . he runs a men's long -term addiction treatment program known as "extra-mile recovery." he's a recovered heroin addict, he says, and knows all too well what a drug like fentanyl can do. "fentanyl will kill you. you can be doing it and not even know it. that's the scary part about it." in fact, jamie richey says that he just lost a potential patient because of the drug. " i talked to a wife whose husband was addicted to heroin last night. i was scheduled to call this morning and get him in treatment. but sadly he passed away and overddosed. his heroin was laced with fentanyl." that's all it takes he adds, one particle of fentanyl. "this is measured in micrograms. it takes but a dust particle for someone to overdose." standup..."richey says that fentanyl was developed by the medical profession back in the 1960s and used in a variety of ways. but now illegal drug dealers can go online and buy it overseas .the problem is when they get it back to the united states." "you can actually go online and order this off of the black market . you can order the powder by ounces people are trying to weigh it up at home .and people are overdosing dropping dead left and right. he says the drug is a thousand times stronger than morphine . investigators already iknow that fentanyl and acetal fentanyl played a role in the deaths of veronica kimble, and one other person in booneville . three others are in the hospital. " i mean is absolutely an epidemic." we did reach out to the county coroner and the booneville police defpartment this morning for more information. we did not get any but we will keep you posted as the case develops. reporting live in booneville wayne hereford wtva nine news. new developments
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