Honoring Lives Through Art

WTVA's General Manager Jerry Jones is completing a sculpture to honor women veterans.

Posted: Jun 12, 2019 7:15 PM
Updated: Jun 12, 2019 7:15 PM

Speech to Text for Honoring Lives Through Art

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everyday that you meet a talented sculptor....but here at w-t-v-a we have--right down the hall. w-t-v-a's kayla thompson tells about our very own general manager who is honoring his mentor and veterans through his art. "i know he's in heaven smiling down saying good job." artist and sculpter jerry jones is working on a bronze monument. the late jerry gorum...his mentor and friend...started the sculpture before he died unexpectedly. "i hear his voice in my head when i'm working. i have his tools, and some of the clay on this sculpture is jerry's clay." jerry jones took over the project in january...by day he is the general manager for w-t-v-a and by night...he works to complete the monument... stand up: this sculpture is 6 feet tall and very detailed. (nats of jerry explaining the detail) the womens veterans of the ark-la-tex will reveal the momument in boiser city, louisiana soon...and it will be a way to honor women veterans... "hopefully it won't just become part of the landscape...they'll look at it and think of the women who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice, and you know ask about somebody who has served, a female and thank her for her service." not only is this a way for him to honor female veterans but also a world war two veteran very close to his heart...his father...? "what a joy it would have been for him to be in the studio with me this morning watching me do this, and then i think oh yeah he's watching he knows what his boy is doing." what will he do after completing this project? jerry says he won't take another 19 year hiatus... "as far as the art world i'm going to some painting. i miss the oil paints and the canvas." but his granddaughter has a different idea... "she looked at me and she said papa you ought to be teaching children. whatever he plans to do next...he says he will always be sharing his art. and i told her baby you may be a prophet. who knows?" reporting in tupelo... we will continue to update you on when the big reveal is in boiser city, louisiana... if you would like to honor someone in the military, go to this story on our website and click
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