Oxford police officer arrested in connection with woman's death

An Oxford police officer has been arrested in connection with the death of a woman.

Posted: May 21, 2019 8:01 PM
Updated: May 21, 2019 8:01 PM

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department. a press conference took place earlier this afternoon in oxford for this police officer, now behind bars --- charged with murder. we've been following this story with team coverage since the moment it broke. wtva's craig ford was live at that press conference this afternoon, and joins us now live once again in oxford with a recap. emily, good evening. this is not the kind of thing any police department wants to face. no community wants to hear this about the officers who are hired to protect and to serve. but in oxford, there is no escaping what has happened -- a young mother dead, and a member of the force here is charged with her murder. out "...behind our badge ." "today is about justice for dominique." those words from oxford interim police chief jeff mccutcheon outside the police department he leads concerning the investigation into the death of 32-year-old dominique clayton. neither the chief nor the mississippi bureau of investigation would say who they think did it. but they did say an oxford police officer is in jail because of it. "oxford police department investigators and mbi investigators special agents acquired information which ultimately led to the arrest of matthew paul kinne. the four year veteran of the department was described as being involved with clayton. law enforcement did not elaborate just how. "there was plenty of speculation beforehand that indeed an oxford police officer was indeed involved with this woman's death. but it took this news conference to confirm that it was true." and as for the people of this city, they got these words from the leader of the police department. "to our community, we know that you're hurting, and we want to assure you that we will not hide behind our badge. for now, officer kinne is being held in the panola county jail. he's expected to have his initial court appearance in oxford tomorrow. for now, we are live in oxford, lafayette county, i'm craig ford, wtva nine news. kinne is a member of the oxford for now, we are live in oxford, lafayette county, i'm craig ford, wtva nine news. kinne is a member of the oxford police department's mounted patrol. law enforcement said that kinne is not from the city, but came here from another department. the police department is telling the community that even though one of its own is accused of wrongdoing, it will not hide that. "i just feel so sorry for them kids to find their mother like that" and as you can imagine, the news of dominique's death is sending shockwaves throughout the community, with her family begging to know why this tragedy took place. wtva's evan hensley is live in oxford and joins us with reaction from friends and family... oxford and joins us with reaction from friends and family... it was at this home behind me where thirty-two year old dominique clayton was discovered saturday night. and while family and friends are in shock at her death, they stopped to share memories of a woman they say is gone too soon. "shes a beautiful angel. always kept a smile ans speak to you. she always loved to hug and that is josephine williams , a cousin of dominique clayton the two were close and were always in contact with each-other williams has struggled to sleep after the loss of not just a friend, but a mother of four... "i just feel lost right now without her being here. i used to talk to her on facebook and laugh and talking and singing. i'm a miss that." and dozens of friends and family members gathered here behind me to not just honor the memory of clayton but see where the investigation into her death will go. "you have an officer that is sworn into to protect and serve. and not only that but he takes away a mother from her children, a friend from her family. memories that will never be forgotten... about an unforgettable woman.. "like recently we was on the square together, enjoying life having a good time. i cherish those moments." this investigation looks like it will take some time...but for these friends and family members...memori es of clayton will last a lifetime... reporting live in oxford eh wtva 9 news and of course this is
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