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Cherry Creek Orchard’s peach crop survives through freezing temperatures

Prayers have been answered at the Cherry Creek Orchard as their peach crop was able to persevere through the winter temperatures.

Posted: May 20, 2019 10:48 PM
Updated: May 20, 2019 10:48 PM

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are straight ahead.... hope and pray ." that was amanda stark, owner of the cherry creek orchard farm, back in march of this year. the farm had to make drastic efforts in order to save the thousands of peaches that had blossomed too early. peaches are one of the biggest sellers of the year, and losing half of the crop would have hurt the farm tremendously. now,-- two months later,--folks are wondering: did praying for the peaches make a difference? wtva's taylor smith is live once again at the cherry creek orchards with how the peaches are fairing. emily things are a little different out here in the orchard this time around... it is a lot hotter out here, and everything is green! and we're proud to say the prayers were answered because we have peaches! and a lot of them! i have one here... and let me tell you they are juicer than ever... ." sot: "last time you guys were here we had a lot of fires going, and it was really cold, and we were worried about all the peaches..." so worried crews lit hundreds of barrels on fire to create smoke and warmth in the orchard... sot: " we thought we were going to lose the whole crop..." all these efforts in hopes to protect the peaches... may have just worked... sot: "we expect to have a full crop, the early varieties there won't be as many of those, but i don't think people will notice." talk about a sigh of relief for the stark family... sot: "what was going through your guys head when you just had to wait until you saw the peaches were growing? we were really nervous, but once we saw the peaches were growing, we were so excited because we needed a good year." they are expecting each tree to produce about 300 - 400 peaches... bridge: "and workers are already out here picking the ripe peaches." sot: "you can come out to the orchard and get your peaches and some local honey and then later on in the season, we will have purple beans and lots and lots of tomatoes." peach season will officially begin on june 1st... the cherry creek orchard is already preparing and getting ready for the season if you don't, want to wait till june 1st that's ok because they will be at the farmers market downtown this saturday... so go grab some... live in pontotoc taylor smith wtva nine news... prayers were answered for the peaches which means the prayers were answered for the peaches which means the peach festival is still for june 15th in downtown ecru and the flaming fury 4 mile and 8 mile run through the orchard will take place on july 13th... you can sign up on races online ... at , matt's
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