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SAAC offers solution to curb Sarkville's graffiti

The Starkville Area Arts Council welcomes people to create art as opposed to putting graffiti on dumpsters and buildings around Starkville.

Posted: May 20, 2019 7:56 PM
Updated: May 20, 2019 7:56 PM

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employees of local businesses say they're tired of all the vandalism they're seeing in starkville. wtvas nicole dantzler joins us live to tell about one possible solution to help curb the town's graffiti. i'm here at ? where they've painted over some of that graffiti. the tells me instead of people putting their energy into vandalism they should put their skills to use elsewhere. "those kids that are finding time to be kind of messy on our physical premises, they just need something to do." elizabeth casano- starkville rt-0:06 in recent weeks the starkville police department has seen a spike in graffiti in the city. someone left these signatures and symbols on dumpsters and other buildings. the mayor's office has since painted over all of that graffiti. (bridge) one person in downtown starkville tells me his? business gets vandalized in the back of the building and he? constantly has to call police to investigate and clean it up.. john bateman with the starkville area arts council says those who want to express themselves through art can always contact their local arts council to get involved. "we are actively working with the city and other partners to create more murals and public art in public spaces." john bateman-exec. dir. starkville area arts council rt-0:10 he tells me it's important to have arts councils in communities like this because it enhances the quality of life. "these towns where there's nothing to do people leave. the younger generations will leave and don't come back." bateman says the arts council has upcoming art exhibits and plans to paint murals around the city. he encourages any artist to get involved with the area arts council. live in starkville nicole dantzler wtva nine news. the starkville area arts council welcomes volunteers to attend the membership drive on june sixth to learn more information and join.
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