NMMC hosting event to promote stroke awareness month

May 15, 2019

Posted: May 15, 2019 11:05 PM
Updated: May 16, 2019 10:07 AM

Speech to Text for NMMC hosting event to promote stroke awareness month

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folks in oxford are in mourning following the death of a beloved city alderman. ulysses howell, known to many --simply as coach died saturday night. the cause of his death...a stroke. in fact, mississippi along with several southern states is in what is called the stroke belt. studies show that mississippians have a higher risk of having a stroke than some other parts of the country,,, by a third. so how do you keep from become another statistic??? wtva's evan hensley joins us like from the north mississippi medical center in tupelo with a closer look well... according to medical professionals here at the pkg julie battaile - tupelo "my mother had a stroke. it was very shocking to us, it was a tragedy really. because they did not find her right away." julie battaile's mom survived but not without issues... she never walked again but battaile says her brain was in running order... but it was one of the reasons she took her health so seriously... "i'm feeling good and i try to take care of myself and my husband does to, we have been runners all of our lives and we were hikers man, many years." personal health and genetics play key rolls when it come to preventing a stroke. it can start as something small... but can be life altering quickly.. hannah parker - stroke coordinator for the north mississippi medical center "you may have weakness in one arm or leg, on one side of the body, they have difficulty speaking, they have changes in the vision." the north mississippi medical center is hosting stroke screening both tomorrow and next week one of the issues they are addressing is with people thinking it will get better with rest... "here in our area that is a huge issue, patients all the time will dismiss the symptoms and stay at home rather then calling 9-1-1 and when they get to the hospital thee is no treatment we can do." and that event will be taking place in the main lobby tomorrow afternoon and on may 21st it will be going on from noon and three reporting live in tupelo eh wtva 9 news and if you think you're having a stroke, just remember the word "fast" if you have:: face drooping, arm weakness, and speech difficulty, it's
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