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ATV shop owners relieved nothing was stolen after break-in

May 9, 2019

Posted: May 9, 2019 7:44 PM
Updated: May 10, 2019 9:37 AM

Speech to Text for ATV shop owners relieved nothing was stolen after break-in

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nothing was stolen after security cameras caught someone trying to break in. wtvas nicole dantzler spoke with the owners and joins us live to share what they saw on their cameras. west point police shared video of a person attempting to break in to the adventure atv shop. the owners say the person was unsuccessful and left. they are glad the alarms scared the person away because something similar happened just last year. ." "it's just like somebody breaking into your house. to think that somebody can go in and take what they want." jack jameson- co-owner/service manager adventure atv rt-0:08 this security footage shows a man with a mask attempting to break into the adventure atv shop's fence with bolt cutters. co owner jack jameson says the man entered through the back where the two green sheds are, stopped by this white door and broke into the fence here. he then noticed the security cameras when the alarm went off and left. the alarm company alerted jack jameson around 2 am saturday to tell him police are on the scene to respond to an attempted break in. ((take sot)) "it pretty much violates you. you know they're trying to take something from you that's yours and employees and your families. it kind of hurts your heart when people just do that" sonny jameson- owner of adventure atv rt-0:14 but this isn't the first time someone has broke into the shop. ((take sot)) "somebody broke in, they stole two machines and a trailer. that still has not been solved we still don't know what's going on with that. jack jameson- co-owner atv adventure rt-0:08 jack jameson says break-ins have happened there almost every year but since then they've gotten new cameras and hes confident that it's deterring burglary. ((take sot)) "it's doing it's job very well and all the motions in the camera everything we have now it's definitely helped. it's going to catch him eventually so." the owner sonny jameson says they have a good lead as to who may be responsible for this. they also think this break in could be connected to the burglary that happened last year. live in west point nicole dantzler wtva nine
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