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Sheriff: Louisiana man abducted Monroe County girl

A 13-year-old girl disappeared Friday night in Monroe County. She was later found and is safe.

Posted: Apr 23, 2019 6:13 PM
Updated: Apr 23, 2019 6:13 PM

Speech to Text for Sheriff: Louisiana man abducted Monroe County girl

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investigators in monroe county are continuing to investigate a kidnapping on saturday where a 13 year old girl was taken to louisiana wtva's evan hensley is live in aberdeen and joins us live with what we know at this point 23 year old ronald latiolais was found alongside the girl in his home in gonzales lousiana sheriff cecil cantrell says that it all started from the two contacting eachother through social media deputies are waiting in monroe county for ronold latiolais to be transferred to mississippi they will then charge him with kidnapping and the sexual assault of a minor sheriff cecil cantrell - monroe county "we kind of put this together through her computer, we think they met over social media." sheriff cecil cantrell cantrell said that the screen in her window had been cut... and she was taken to this home... "he's in some serious serious trouble. in my mind he is a sexual predator. he is in jail in louisiana awaiting his extradition and we are going to get him back her and we are going to get him charged." (stand up) cantrell believes that the two had been in contact not only over time... but even on the day when this kidnapping happened... "i'm glad that we could find her as quickly as we did because like i said these usually don't turn out as good as this case has." cantrell says that parents need to have an important roll when it comes to internet safety... "what these parents should do, they should watch these kids are doing over social media, this is just a prime example you never know who you are talking to. you don't know what sexual predators are out there." cantrell said that the girl has eben picked up by her parents and is now in safe hands he did say there may be more charges on the way since the suspect crossed state lines reporting live in aberdeen eh wtva 9 news
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