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Hamilton residents are picking up the pieces after tornado

April 14, 2019

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 12:42 PM
Updated: Apr 15, 2019 12:42 PM

Speech to Text for Hamilton residents are picking up the pieces after tornado

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storm ((pkg)) ((nats)) "we knew it was right on top of us. that was easily the scariest thing i've ever been in in my life." ((stand up)) lily pierce tells me her and her family were watching the weather to follow the severe storms and just when things started to quiet down and they thought they were in the clear... "all of a sudden he said hamilton take cover so we all picked up and ran followed the path to the storm shelter." "we think we actually has two tornadoes hit the county last night." she tells me all 11 of her relatives including two small children had to run outside of their home to make it to the storm shelter but its what they found after the storm that had them even more shaken up. "thought it was safe enough to look outside and that's when we opened the door and say that they rook was on top of us in the shelter." and this morning they found what they felt was possibly proof of where the tornado originally touch down. just feet from their home. she tells me getting to their storm shelter was a close call. ((nats)) "everyone made it." however the monroe county sheriff tells me some residents were not as fortunate. "several went to the hospital. we had one fatality." "had a big tree fall across his mobile home and it fell straight across his bed." we're told among many structural damages. there are also some roads that will be closed. "we've got nine roads that we've have closed because of the flooding. the water came over the road cutting it in two. we've got about nine roads that impassable we're working but it'll probably be another day or two before we can get them back open." and storms made their way through bulldog country...
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