Dozens of arrests made during New Albany drug roundup

April 12, 2019

Posted: Apr 12, 2019 6:20 PM
Updated: Apr 15, 2019 9:32 AM

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on an exclusive story we brought you this week. we have new information following thursday's drug roundup in new albany. lets go live to wayne hereford in new albany who is standing by with what he's learned. thank you .chief chris robertson says that as of today they have charges on some thirty-three people all picked up during operation ice crusher. there are charges ranging from sale of crystal meth to prescription drug cases. "all but about three or four are all narcotics - related charges." chief chris robertson says that the it took he and investigators at least a full year to make cases against these drug suspects and others. that's all a part of making a drug round-up like operation ice crusher. "every jurisdiction ,every community, c continually faces problems with drugs this day and time. and its an everyday fight, and its an everyday struggle, of keeping the drug dealers and the drug traffickers in check." the chief showed me some of what they recovered during the raids. but he adds that even before the ink dries on these cases it will be time to start over. its a tough job that the chief says no one agency can tackle alone. " we have to have help from the general public. we have to have help from informants. and we have to have men and women in law enforcement who are dedicated to put the type hours in and the type work it is to make these cases." the chief says that traditionally, there will be a lull in narcotics trafficking in the area. it slows things down . but it won't stop. these were major players in the area, but he says he'll start making more cases next week. from the alert desk. i'm daniella oropeza. two people are hospitalized and one man sits behind bars after a shooting in winona. according to chief investigator dan happened last night ( thursday ) on academy street. this is just a few miles south of of highway 82. winona police responded to the scene. arrested is this man...eddie octavious green. herod
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