Heavy rains gives farmers in Vardaman worries over growing sweet potatoes

March 19 2019

Posted: Mar 19, 2019 7:16 PM
Updated: Mar 19, 2019 7:16 PM

Speech to Text for Heavy rains gives farmers in Vardaman worries over growing sweet potatoes

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recent wet weather is causing some farmers in vardman headaches. the crew atc w farm say they are falling behind in harvesting sweet potatoes and hoping the clear and sunny skies stick around, our wtvaxavierharris spoke with a farmer he joins us live with what the farmers plan to do next... hope for the best and plan for the worse is all they can do according to bobby whitt the farm owner here at c w farms... he say's with the recent flooding that swept through calhoun county was one of the worse flooding he's seen in his 50 plus years of farming... in the past month some parts of calhoun county has seen about 15-18 inches of rain, while some areas needed the rainy conditions farmers at c w sweet potatoes farms says that rain has put them behind schedule. "the creeks got out the floods got the fields flooded it took a great number of days to get all this water out of here." and on those rainy days whitt says all they could do was wait it out... "we just pray hard a lot of times; we just count up to the lord's mercy we get out there and work and do the best we can, but the rest is left up to him." whitt says the farm is taking full advantage of this week sun and wind to begin put down the sweet potatoes plant beds whitt says his farm is only staying afloat because of the sweet potatoes they harvest over the previous year. he says it takes a lot of work to prepare those sweet potatoes for shipment... "this is what we call the wet down area we bring the potatoes a lot of times they'll have excess dirt on them then we take them over here and put them on this dumper they come down a conveyor through the brushes and you can see where the brushes are getting the dirt off... after the potatoes go through the assembly they are assorted by hand and then placed in boxes where they can be ready to ship out... says the sweet potatoes is a major crop here in the city of vardaman and it is vital that the work smart through drought times, he adds with this weeks sun and wind he believes the farm just might be able to catch up... reporting live in calhoun county xavierharris wtva nine news. folks
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