Storm spotter training gives more eyes on the skies

March 18, 2019

Posted: Mar 18, 2019 10:41 PM
Updated: Mar 19, 2019 9:30 AM

Speech to Text for Storm spotter training gives more eyes on the skies

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we have been having in our area... it is a good idea to be over prepared... rather than not prepared enough ... folks of tupelo did just that today as they sat in on the skywarn storm spotter training... wtvas taylor smith went to the class as well she joins us live more.... i am not going to lie i learned quite a bit today in class... i learned how to spot severe weather and how to stay safe during the storms which is good for me since this will officially be my first tornado season. many folks attend as well all ready to help the community when severe weather comes our way... sot: "its coming right towards us." in panic what do you do next??? sot: "i freak out... haha no but i do get concerned cause i have been in two of them before.." just like many people, it's hard to know if a storm is really coming your way or not... sot: "i live out in the country, and there are only two houses, and i can see the clouds... the skywarn storm spotter training taught residents in those situations exactly what they need to know sot: "they are learning what to look for in storms how to tell by they sky the symptoms of when one develops and the dangers of it... over 50 people sat in class today so they could be of help to the community just like when storms came two years ago... sot: "it is very important in april of 2017 we had a big tornado here, and ham radio was very valuable in helping relay information." after spotting the tordano, it could get dangerous and you have to be prepared... sot: " a lot of people call and say where do we go where do we go because a lot of people just don't know." bridge: "the class made it clear that you still need a safe place preferably a room or hallway with no windows." sot:" where do your parents tell you to go when a storm is coming...well they say either the storm basement or the hallway." sot: " the main thing is we let everyone know where to go, and so they can find there a safe place" and the more storm spotters we have out there, the more eyes on the sky that can alert the community to get to their safe place faster... live in tupelo taylor smith
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