Boy mauled by dogs near Winona

A boy is currently in the hospital after being mauled by six dogs near Winona.

Posted: Mar 18, 2019 8:28 PM
Updated: Mar 18, 2019 8:28 PM

Speech to Text for Boy mauled by dogs near Winona

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after being attacked by six dogs. wtvas nicole dantzler joins is live with how the boy survived the vicious attack.. it all happened on a sunny friday afternoon. a little boy rode his bicycle along sawyer road in winona when suddenly six dogs attacked him. witnesses tell me they saw his bike here and they found him in this ditch. they said it was scary to see ?( describe what they saw) and it was a miracle that the boy survived. ." according to witnessesthe dogs dragged him off his bike and mauled him in a ditch across the street. a grandfather, father and son stopped and saw the bike in the middle of the road. "we thought somebody had been hit by a car so we were looking and my son saw a head sticking out of the ditch a little bit right here." jeremy kilgore- winona rt-0:09 he says they thought someone was dead so they called 9-1-1. thats when they saw something move. "my son saw him move, moved his hand around his head a little bit and all the dogs were still around him so we started approaching and my dad thought to grab some things." jeremy kilgore- winona rt-0:11 "they grabbed hammers and jumper cables to get the dogs away from the boy. (first name)stand up ((take sot)) "mud and blood all over him. uh holes in his body i mean he had everywhere i don't know how he, it was by god's grace he's still alive. no doubt in my mind he he he's tougher than... i don't know how he survived." jeremy kilgore- winona rt- 0:25 deputies and medics were on the scene within minutes to tend to the boy. kilgore said the dogs lived at this home in this pen but somehow they got out. take sot)) "it made me furious to see the dogs around him like that. uh pretty mad and i was even madder i didn't have my gun to where we could uh maybe it would've made me feel better i don't know but i was pretty mad when i saw what o saw but just relieved that he was still alive." jeremy kilgore rt- 0:20 deputies with the help of neighbors captured all six dogs who were sent t euthanized that afternoon. the boy went to umc in jackson where he's now in a medically induced coma. arlin pearaon with the winona animal control says they've tested the dogs for rabies and theyre waiting for the tests back. he says the owner had a choice to either isolate them for 10 days or euthanize them and she chose to euthanize them. live in winona nicole dantzler wtva 9 news. a man has
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