New Toyota Corolla rolls off in Blue Springs

March 18, 2019

Posted: Mar 18, 2019 5:48 PM
Updated: Mar 19, 2019 9:33 AM

Speech to Text for New Toyota Corolla rolls off in Blue Springs

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we told you back in april toyota created 400 jobs to began production of 12th generation corolla ... today the company rolled out its newest car. wtva xavier harris is joining us live at the toyota plant in blue springs with the latest. let me start by saying, its was a celebration all over the factor today, inside the factor everyone including myself were biting their nails anxious to see what the new 2020 toyota corolla would look like.. nat "the 2020 toyota corolla." a major jump in economic development for north mississippi as the 12th generation toyota corolla rolls off the line... phil bryant r- mississippi "it is amazing to see where we've come from a time where a few people could think automobiles could be made in mississippi we're making half a million here, history is being made right here in blue springs mississippi. " sean suggs the company's president says although the corolla is finished, the real work begins now. sean suggs/toyota mississippi president "once this cameras over wegottastart getting to work, a lot of preparation a lot of training and development a lot of want to have to go into making this vehicle to the quality level your seeing behind me." suggs says rolling out the new toyota in blue springs brought at least400 jobs to the magnolia state and which means they can continue to prove na sayers wrong... "it crushes a lot of stereotypes not only for blue springs but the state of mississippi we can get it down here and we've done it over a million times in a town of a population of 400." chief administrator christopher reynolds says this is not only a huge development for north mississippi but this 12th generation corolla is one the customers will surely enjoy... "even though it's an entry-level car it looks like a luxury car." the 12th generation corolla took about 2 years to manufacture and the presidents says they are one step closer to pushing them off the lots. according to suggs the new corolla will be ready for sale in the next few weeks live in blue springs xavier harris wtva nine news. lots of people
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