UPDATE: Monroe shooting follow-up

March 15, 2019

Posted: Mar. 15, 2019 7:14 PM
Updated: Mar. 18, 2019 9:27 AM

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evening into the shooting deaths of two men, one killed by law enforcement while looking for him in connection with the earlier death. wtva's erin wilson joins us live from monroe county with more on what family members called a disturbing pattern leading up to yesterday's deaths. emily, according to witnesses just days before michael mccallum shot and killed jesse little at a home here in monroe countyhe had been telling those around him that he had been called to catch souls. and after taking little's life i'm told he still didn't feel like his work was done. off ." "wayne just shot my husband in the head, wayne you shot my husband." those were the words jesse little's wife screamed after hearing a gun shot outside of the home and finding her husband laying in the drive way. witnesses tell me just days before mccallum walked nearly 30 milesfrom sulligent alabama to monroe county in the rain. and when he got back the noticed a difference... "he's not all there in the head, he was talking about catching souls and stuff." i'm told witnesses came to this home to seek shelter from the storm when... "they went outside about 5 minutes later i was making a sandwich when i got done, i looked out the window and i see wayne walking towards him with a rifle and shot him right in his face right here." witnesses tell me mccallum then said his job was not yet finished. little's wife ran into the home taking cover from her brother. "i said go downstairs now! now!... and from there is when i gave her my cell phone to call 911." "therewas10 kids out here. i mean there was one over here where this green bikeisand he was just standing there in shock." i'm told mccallum walked circles in the yard until he heard sirens which is when i'm told he jumped into a truck and drove off... in the yard until he heard sirens which is when i'm told he jumped into a truck and drove off... witnesses tell me that mccallum had also mentioned to them that he was 365 years old, from the planet uranus, and had died before by way of police suicide...reportin g live in monroe county erin wilson wtva 9 news. at , meteorologist
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