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Saltillo resident forced to pay $1,400 water bill

March 12, 2019

Posted: Mar. 12, 2019 7:46 PM
Updated: Mar. 13, 2019 9:51 AM

Speech to Text for Saltillo resident forced to pay $1,400 water bill

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saltillo resident was floored when she got a call from the city stating she had to pay almost $1400 for her water bill, the womansays she never saw a bill in the mail. wtva'sxavier harris joins us live after speaking with the woman. emily i can tell you what she's not saying... and that's she think she responsible for that bill. kristi sizemore believes if not one meter readers noticed that second water meter how was she suppose to? "i felt like i was gone pass out when they told me how much the bill was." kristi sizemore was stunned when she found out she had a water bill almost $1400. "i tried to explain to the lady that i was on auto draft and shouldn't have a water bill." but according to sizemore what she didn't know was the neighborhood she lives in comes with two separate water meters. "one meter for the house and one meter for the yard." sizemore says she went to a city board meeting to get a better understanding as to how something like this could happen... "what didn't get done was there wasn't a lock put on it" according to the mayor, once the former resident moved out in 2015, the water meter was shut off, but never locked and once kristi moved in she assumed the yard water was all part of a single water bill. "so you can say this was a mistake on you guys part? i mean if you want to call it a mistake i guess it would be because it was not locked." a mistake kristi says she should not be held accountable for, in fact, she says with the brown water issues going on with the city of saltillo the city should be held responsible. "to me, $1400 worth of brown water is not great the water that has come out of that faucet has ruined clothes it is ruined our pool liner our washer machine has been broken because of the gunk that comes from the brown water. mayor smith says the board sympathizes with her and her family but the law states they cant waive the fee on the unbilled water. "they were receiving the benefit of that water, so the law states if that's the case then the city cannot forgive that water that went through the meter." according to the mayor the city has sent kristi a letter stating that she can pay off the bill over the course of two years, but she says she hasn't received any notice. live in tupelo xavier harris wtva nine news... nats of turkey call ." (((nats of turkey call)) still ahead on wtva 9
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