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Pontotoc teen wins national championship in turkey calling

March 12, 2019

Posted: Mar. 12, 2019 6:38 PM
Updated: Mar. 12, 2019 6:38 PM

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had the opportunity to interview champions from all kinds of sports. there's football, basketball, baseball, of course. but recently, we've also featured jiu jitsu and cheerleading. tonight, we head to the outdoors. (nat sound)." (((nat sound))) jim: "that's the sound of a turkey....or is it?" (((nat sound))) jim: "it's actually 19-year-old dylan gunter of pontotoc. he recently won a national championship in turkey calling in nashville." dylan: "i was shocked, i mean, i was really, truly amazed, and i was so excited, because i've never won a grand national championship, and to win that, that was very amazing." jim: "his family actually produces turkey calls, but dylan has only been turkey calling for four years." dylan: "we ended up getting a calling press to build our own calls, so we can have the exact tension, and the exact reed cuts that we would like to have when we're turkey hunting, and them, when we got the press, we started building calls, and i started figuring things out, and once i figured things out, i started competing." (((nat sound))) dylan: "we squirrel hunt, deer hunt, rabbit hunt, everything known to man, pretty much, there is to hunt. hunting's not all about killing stuff, it's about spending time with your family and friends, and god's great outdoors, it's truly an amazing time, i wouldn't trade anything for the memories i've made in the woods with my family and friends." jim: "dylan had only placed first in one competition before capturing his national title, and he's already looking forward to defending his crown." dylan: "i'm not perfect, i can always be better, i'm gonna try my best to get as good as i can be for next year, and hopefully, bring home another win next year." (((nat sound))) spring youth turkey season opened this past friday. full spring turkey season opens this friday. that's sports. more news after this. after a little bit of a battle between low
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