Apartment intruders wake Tupelo woman

March 11, 2019

Posted: Mar 11, 2019 5:17 PM
Updated: Mar 12, 2019 9:38 AM

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and found two men inside her tonight after she woke up and found two men inside her apartment. wtva's xavier harris joins us with one woman's scary encounter. right now police say those two people are still on the loose. it happened here at the pines apartments at barns crossing just before 3 this morning, i spoke with the victim who wanted to remain anonymous and she says she was completely shocked when she walked into her spare bedroom. "i started yelling what are you doing in my apartment or get out of my apartment." the woman says she heard voices in her second bedroom and was stunned at what she saw when she opened the door. "i looked through the door and saw a man standing in the bedroom, i was screaming and there had been someone behind the door they slammed the door in my face." she believes the two climbed through her unlocked bedroom window, and begin talking extremely loudly... she saysher quick instinct was to run back to her bedroom and grab her gun and call 9-1-1... "and i just stood there with the gun aimed at the door on the phone with the police until they got here." she say the police came and took her report. after they left... her son in law noticed a strange car parked in the complex... "all of a sudden took off really really fast and they went out the entrance gate and ran the red light at gloster and took off towards the mall. the woman says she's been living at the pine apartment for a little over two years and has never felt unsafe until now. "it's hard to think about because there's so many what if's, my husband is a truck driver and i was home alone." the woman she's thankful it wasn't yesterday because her grandchildren were in the room sleeping the night before... right now police are investigating what happened and are hoping to gather more information on who those two people were. stay with wtva as we continue to follow this story as it develops, tonight were live in tupelo xavier harris wtva nine news. a little cooler today than it was over
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