Saltillo Residents leave their homes because of flood waters

The Willow Creek Subdivision was hit hard by rain and flood waters

Posted: Feb. 22, 2019 6:50 PM
Updated: Feb. 22, 2019 6:50 PM

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hard with at least twelve county roads under water. the county's board of supervisors declared a local state of emergency with hopes that mema would follow suit. lee county declared a local state of emergency this morning because of all the water. lets go live to wayne hereford who is standing by in saltillo with more. that's right the board of supervisors in lee county were quick to declare an emergency after nine o'clock this morning. they say it allows them access private property and help residents and leaves the door open for more possible help from mema. they say the state of emergency is good for at least 30 days and could be extended if needed. nineties.. ." the willow creek subdivision was covered in water as everyone pitched in to help neighbors get out. "we're about to load on up and head on out soon," there were some ,we are told who were not as anxious to leave. at any rate officials from state and local governments were here to lend a hand as well. "we're putting things in place to help the residents here .i want to ask residents if you need shelter, or food or any type of medical assistance, we're setting up a shelter over at the american red cross has been invited their coming to saltillo community center." "although there is a lot of rain in the forecast, storms tommorow. so we hope this is not a yo-yo of water up and down, .we really wish the residents in this area would have evacuated. some of them we're going to have trouble getting out now." several roads are barracaded across the county. including barnes crossing near the big oaks golf course. main street in guntown now has a hole in the middle of it. and old saltillo was nearly covered in water was well. as for the subdivison, some have complained that it was built in a flood plane which would not be acceptable in 2019. "we have in place subdivison regulations which will probhibit this from taking place but at that time i wasn't here but my understanding is the county didn't have anything in the nineties." and when the weather is bad in your area, remember you can always keep
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