Jailer accused of bringing contraband into Tishomingo County jail

A corrections officer has been arrested for allegedly bringing contraband to a local jail.

Posted: Feb. 19, 2019 10:16 PM
Updated: Feb. 19, 2019 10:16 PM

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tishomingo county have made in an arrest of a jailer who is being accused of bringing contraband into the jail for the inmates...... in exchange for cash.. wtvas evan hensley joins us with more... std." as live the jailor was found with contraband items when he was arrested on saturday he had been under investigation for bringing in such items to provide inmates with it vo rodney fisher is being charged with the possession of contraband in a correctional facility sheriff john daugherty says that the suspect had plans to give the contraband to inmates josh miller - iuca "a little messed up, he's kinds going against what his job was telling him to i mean people have done dumber things for money." "and helping them get better and do better as a citizen he decided to help them become worse." josh miller is a gas station clerk who works less then 100 yards from the jail when i told miller who it was, he had known the suspect... "i didn't know him personally very detailed-wise but from first impression i wouldn't expect him to do something like that" sheriff daugherty says that the traffiking of the contraband will end up being used ascurrency which could har officers... "i know most of the law enforcement around here and most of them are really great guys and i don't know all of them but the majority of them are really great people." as live fisher was immediatly fired from the jail upon discovery his bond has been set at 3,500 dollars reporting in iuka eh wtva 9 news more now a story we brought to you at
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