Parents concerned about possible hit list in Marietta

Feb. 19, 2019

Posted: Feb. 19, 2019 7:01 PM
Updated: Feb. 20, 2019 9:21 AM

Speech to Text for Parents concerned about possible hit list in Marietta

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a distressing story from prentiss county parents say a marietta elementary school students wrote a hit list and threaten to burn down the school and parents want answers, wtva xavier harris spoke with some of those parents he joins us live with the latest... parents i spoke with today says incidents like the one they believed happened should not be taken lightly and now they feel like the school system has failed them... ." "i just want parents to know it got swept under the rug." a saddened mother who says on friday evening her son who attends marietta elementary school came home worried sick because another student, made a kill list with his name and other students on it... he and some of his other friends had found a notebook and that their names were listed in it and that he was going to shoot them and after he shot them he was going to burn the school down... taylor says she's reached out to the principal of marietta elementary school but havent seen any results ... "it upsets me i'm scared for my child to go to school i'm scared for all the kids it is like they are sweeping it under the rug and don't want to talk about it." i have reached out to the prentiss county sheriff randy tolar and he released this statement. "we are aware of the situation at marietta school. we, in cooperation with school officials, have looked into this matter and have resolved any issues. based on our investigation, there's no concern of any threat to any student at marietta school." but taylor says if there was no threat to any student at the school that should have been made clear to all parents, so she went to facebook and found other parents had concerns with the school as well... ive also reached out to the prentiss county superintended ronald downs... and he says they are also aware of this so called kill list and it is being investigated... because the nature of the people involved are students no names will be release in regards to this case... live in prentiss county xavier harris wtva nine
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