Firefighters respond to American Furniture in Pontotoc County

Feb. 14, 2019

Posted: Feb. 14, 2019 11:13 PM
Updated: Feb. 15, 2019 9:29 AM

Speech to Text for Firefighters respond to American Furniture in Pontotoc County

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first, we continue to follow and gather new information on a story we first brought to you as breaking news on wtva 9 news at four. a fire, the second in just four months, breaks out at a local furniture plant. the fire took place at the american furniture plant in pontotoc county. wtva's evan hensley join us at the scene right now with the aftermath (update) this fire now leaves workers with even more questions about the future... work out hopefully ." american furniture employee) american furniture employee) "i know somebody was telling me they smelled some smoke and everything. i didn't think nothing about it. the next time they said that plant was on fire or something like that. and i looked across and the plant was on fire." this is now the third time jefrree glaspie has seen his job go up in flames "it makes me feel bad that we have to go over and do this all over again." the furniture plant has seen those 3 fires all in the last 13 months according to county fire coordinator adam patton, the structure is being considered a total loss 4 months ago to the day, one of the other structures was determined a total loss and was then torn down. now the future is unknown for these workers... "wait for instruction and tell us what we got to do stuff like that. 'and put everything back together again?' yeah." "all we can do is keep jesus christ in our minds so everything will work out hopefully." and no one was injured in this blaze... the investigation into what happened is still ongoing... i've reached out to pontotoc sheriff leo mask and he said he can not comment at this time... stay tuned with wtva 9 news as we follow this story... reporting live in pontotoc county, eh wtva 9 news... at , matt's
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