VIDEO: Street-widening project faces some opposition in Tupelo

Feb. 11, 2019

Posted: Feb 11, 2019 8:31 PM
Updated: Feb 12, 2019 1:26 PM

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i'm craig ford. and i'm emily leonard. the tupelo major thoroughfare committee met tonight among items on the agenda is the widening of west jackson street in tupelo, the city's only east -west corridor other than main street. it appears some residents along parts of where the project is being planned are not real happy about it. wayne hereford joins us live from city hall with more. thank you. i'm inside city hall where the city of tupelo's major thoroughfare committee is scheduled to meet at 4:30. i spoke earlier today with greg pirkle, the committee chairman about the west jackson project . they need/." west jackson is the only east - west thoroughfare in the city other than main street , and it is part of the committees overall plan to improve traffic flow through the city. the major thoroughfare committee plans to widen the portion of west jack from clayton avenue on the west end to madison street on the east. it has a very high volume of traffic, as you might imagine, and is a priority of the committee. but part of the widening project, between robins street and madison, has neighbors who live there concerned that widening the street between robbins and madison would negatively affect their neighborhood. i spoke with pirkle about those who may oppose the widening of jackson street in that area. "i'm not sure that its opposition. i think its a need for information the people who live there really want more information what that roads going to look like, what its going to mean to them. and i understand that." "the biggest issue we have right now is the utility relocation. the utilities there are going underground .and that is an incredibly complicated procedure." you probably won't
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