Man charged for stabbing in New Albany

Feb. 11, 2019

Posted: Feb 11, 2019 6:54 PM
Updated: Feb 12, 2019 9:24 AM

Speech to Text for Man charged for stabbing in New Albany

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on a story out of new albany, a man is now behind bars for a stabbing that happened at a restaurant over the weekend. our xavier harris has been following this story all day and he joins us live with the latest... im standing just outside ofthe resturantwhere that stabbing happened, i spoke with an employee who works just a few feet from where it happened and says once he heard what happened he was stunned... around here ." "we whereall just so shocked it happened right across the street, our mouths just dropped" business owners who work just a few feet from where a stabbing occurred are in total disbelief after according to authoritiesa unidentified man was stabbed by 18-year old lane douglas mitchell... and according to one worker who did not want to go on camera, say eye-witnesses came into his store and told him what happened... "there was a guy fromcolliervillethat came into the restaurant and got drunk, apparently he and the bar tender got into a verbal altercation and apparently the bartenders son heard and saw what happened, next thing i know he stabbed him and left him out for dead." according to police it happened saturday night at the tallahachie gourmet restaurant, mitchell who is a senior at new albany high school and interned with the state senate now sits behind bars at the union county jail charged with felony aggravated assault... business owners say they eat at the restaurant often, and are not letting this one incident stop them because this is very unusual to happen in their small community... "i know in other cities you hear about muggings, robberies and car jackings but not here and not so close to home."113- 119 brenda smith/works nearby "imnot really concerned because things like that never happen around here." at this time we are still waiting to see when mitchell will go in front of a judge but according to the union county sheriffs department his bond has been setat $50,000. now this is a developing story and we will release any new information as it comes available reporting live in new albany xavier harris wtva nine news.
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