Sheriff: Man dead in Monroe County home invasion

Sheriff: Man dead in Monroe County home invasion

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 10:31 PM
Updated: Jan 11, 2019 10:31 PM

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to gather new information on a story out of monroe county. a man is dead, and an investigation is now underway after a recent home invasion left the suspect...dead. wtva's erin wilson is live in monroe county with what we know. this morning around 1 am andrew culver invaded a home forced the homeowner to kill him. unfortunately this was not culver's first run in with the law. confirm exactly what happened ." after kicking in adoor ata home located between becker and amory early this morning andrew culver lost his life. but this was not the first time he had broken the law. "he's been in and out of our jail 5 different times on different charges." although the residents of the home had no expectations of meeting him in their home. he's recent behavior may have sparked concern in those around him. "i spoke to his wife earlier this morning and she said that they were going through a separationbecause of some strange actions that he had been doing so this hadn't just started last night it had been going on for severalweeks." an autopsy has not been released but there may have been other reasons that caused him to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. "therearesome evidence in the vehiclethat would point to why he might've done some of this." however,the investigation is still going on to confirm exactly what happened. as i said the investigation is still going on but we will continue to update you when we get more information. reporting live in monroe county erin wilson wtva 9 news. in grenada county, a woman is dead after
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