Authorities warn city about counterfeit money

Dec 11,2018

Posted: Dec 11, 2018 7:30 PM
Updated: Dec 11, 2018 7:30 PM

Speech to Text for Authorities warn city about counterfeit money

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law. thats exactly what happened with an okolona man after he purchased hundreds of counterfeit money online to use as a prank, wtva xavier harris joins us livefromchickasaw countywith the latest... authorities are saying this is a big issue for the city and employees that i spoke with say they are also victims of counterfeit money daily.... fault ." 00-05voice of jackie wilson/food giant employee "we'll we had to get the police involved because anytime that it marks fake and you can't detect what's on the inside you have to call the police." jackie wilson an employee at the food giant in okolona says they take every safety precaution to cut down on receiving counterfeit money. "we have to mark every bill down to fives if it marks a light color it's real if it marks a dark color it's fake." police are encouraging all local business to pay close attention to every bill that comes through their door, this after police say a man ordered $2,800 in counterfeit money to use as a prank." rahn giddens/interm police cheif40- 45"we've been getting calls constantly this month on counterfeit money, we have been receiving counterfeit money about hundred dollar bills twenty dollar bills it's an ongoing thing that's happening." police say they are unsure of what the app is to buy the counterfeit money but say if you are caught trying to pass it sround you could be in a lot of trouble... "it's a very serious offense, once the money is being passed charges can be filed on that individual of utter forgery." police say if you suspect that you have counterfeit money its better to report it even if you are unsure. "if people don't know any better they will posses the money and pass the money." "i do let the customer know calmly so they won't get alarmed or try and run out of the store because sometimes it's not usually their fault." police are not yet releasing the
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