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Good Samaritan Robbed

dec 5 2018

Posted: Dec 5, 2018 7:14 PM
Updated: Dec 5, 2018 7:14 PM

Speech to Text for Good Samaritan Robbed

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but first... lending a helping handleaves a good samaritan fearing for his life. on tuesday night, an aberdeen man pulled over to help a man change a tire when he was held at gunpoint. wtva's xavier harris caught up with the victim. he joins us now live with his story. although according to micheal hood who was held up at gun point says that was the scariest moment of his life, he says it still wont stop him from helping others in need. michael hood/ held up at gun point "people are crazy especially this time of year, there's good people out in the word just trying to help people." 19-year-old michael hood, a victim of being held at gun point for simply trying to be a good samaritan, says he wont let this one incident stop him from doing his godly deed... stand up xavier harris/columbus, lowndes county according to police the victim pulled over on the side of the road rolled down his window and ask the suspect if he needed any help, police say the victim then got out of the car to walk around and help the suspect with a flat tire... "i figured not many people come down that road so i thought i would help him." "i was looking at the ground for something i don't remember what i was looking at but i got to the front of my truck and their was a gun in my face." an unidentified man demanding that hood give him his wallet... i spoke with some folks around the community who say incidents like this are the reason they never stop and help others. esha garner/resident "people are crazy these days, it could be someone that i know and i wouldn't stop." while others felt everything happens for a reason and they would not want to leave someone on the sode of the road stranded. jaynie coleman/resident "in this day and time it can be dangerous but i also think about my children f they were stranded on the side of the road then i think that somebody would help them." kristin tate/resident "a lot of times stories like these really change our heart on what we will do in the future but i really don't think i would let that happen." police say the only description of the driver of that vehicle is about 6 feet tall heavy set and age ranging in the mid thirtys... police are asking if you know who this person is to contact them, xh wtva 9 news at meteorologist john dolusicjoins us with
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