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Good Samaritan Held Up At Gun Point

Dec 5 2018

Posted: Dec 5, 2018 7:10 PM
Updated: Dec 5, 2018 7:10 PM

Speech to Text for Good Samaritan Held Up At Gun Point

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kindness... that went terribly wrong for a local "good samaritan"... it happened on barton ferry road... when anorth mississippi man tried to offer another man help,,, wtva xavier harris joins us live with the latest... i spoke to the victim micheal hood, and he told he was just trying to help, and ended up experiencing the most terrifying moments of his life ." "either i'm about to be dead or shot." were the thoughts running through 19-year-old michael hood's mind as he was staring down the barrel of a gun. trying to be a good samaritan on barton ferry road tuesday evening ... "i seen a man on the side of the road messing with his front passenger tire, i figured not many people come down that road so i thought i would help him." according to hood that was his first mistake. "he said yea if you have something to help me put this spare tire on it would be greatly appreciated." hood says he pulled his truck behind a black honda, got out and walked to the front of his truck... "i was looking at the ground for something i don't remember what i was looking at but i got to the front of my truck and their was a gun in my face." hood says the driver off the honda demanded that he hand over his wallet. "right before i go out i put my wallet in my boot, i don't know what made me do it but i did. i said man you're robbing the wrong person i'm broke he went opened my passenger side of my truck door went through it slam my keys down and left." now police say the only description of the driver of that vehicle is about 6 feet tall heavy set and age ranging in the mid thirtys... police are asking if you know who this person is to contact them, coming up next i spoke with some folls around the community about "when trying to be a good samaritan goes bad" hear their reaction coming up next love in lowndes county xavier harris wtva nine news. freezing temperatures across the
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