Juuling Epidemic takes over Union County

Dec 4 2018

Posted: Dec. 4, 2018 7:06 PM
Updated: Dec. 4, 2018 7:06 PM

Speech to Text for Juuling Epidemic takes over Union County

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trend is now being called an epidemic by the fda... union county school district and administrators are noticing students "juuling" which isae-cigarette according to f-d-a that can contain very harmful products to students... union county administrations are hoping by alerting parents of this issueit willcut down on the students using this harmful product... wtva xavier harris sat down with administrators he joins usat the alert desk with what they are saying... according to russel taylor a principal in union county juuling isan issue that came about just over a year, in my hand is a stat sheet explaining the dangers of juuling... it even adds the vapor from the juuling gives off a flavorful aerosol that can not only harm the smoker but others in close proximity... increase" russel taylor/west union attendance center principal 00-05 "when there is this big of usage in young people,itsanissuesas administrators for the person health of students you try to address." juuling is an e-cigarette that has made its way into the union county schools. "one of the things we are trying to do is get the message to parents who are adults like us who may not know that the prevalenceis outtheir." according to the f-d-a the juul product is made to look like a normal u-s-b flashdrive and can even be plugged into a computer to charge. windy faulkner/union county assistant superintendent 29-34 "e-cigarettes orjuulsare so discrete that a lot of times students have them in the classroomand thatitshard for teachers to realize what they have one thing in union county that we have tried to do is communicate with our parents and let them know what ajuulis and what to look for." according to union county administrators most juuls five off an flavorful smell which can range from mango fruit, to a cucumber smell and according to faulkner students can and will face consequences if they are caught with product. "if a student is caught with ajuulit is treated as atobaccopossessionthat would be a paddling or two days of i-s-s and of course if you are caught a second time your punishment will increase... faulkner adds that "pods" which are nicotine liquid refills for the juuls which can be laced with marijuana, opiods or even fentanyl which is 50-100 times more powerful than morphine... according to faulkner administrators are trying to increase the punishment for students caught using the device on campus... back to you
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