Joel's Wednesday Afternoon Forecast: Wintry mix and rain continues into early evening

November 14, 2018

Posted: Nov. 14, 2018 12:27 PM
Updated: Nov. 14, 2018 12:27 PM

Speech to Text for Joel's Wednesday Afternoon Forecast: Wintry mix and rain continues into early evening

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day. >> welcome back at 12:11 pm a look at the doppler, let me clear one thing up.most of this is rain. some of it is freezing rain on contact for temperatures are below where you see this blue quite clearly we have some snow involved very not the case for we are located. but the main focus is this potential for ice. there is some drizzle still falling all the way down here even though you cannot see it on radar there is some drizzle but the heaviest rain along highway 45 and that is good news and here is why. on the east side of our area where the heaviest rain that lies east of this line. that line is where the temperature is freezing and below freezing on the left and above remember you can always keep up with the forecast anytime using the wtva weather app... it gives you access to interactive radar.. temperatures... and keeps you up to date with any watches or warnings... plus the latest video forecast... and you can submit your pictures to us. the wtva weather app is free and available now right there was a for all apple and android glaze but now heavier smartphones and tablets rain is down and were above freezing temperatures we would be talking about downed power lines about tree damage that hasn't been the case. the only issues on roadways, all of that is towards oxford where it's a thin layer of ice. to an extent we have dodged a bullet and except for the roads being dangerous. if you are traveling to the west where these are below freezing it's going to be dangerous especially with moisture out there and this is why the winter weather advisory continues until noon on thursday. that's not to say you don't get below freezing but at this point and the area road race are going to bic. a little bit wet. still slick, just not icy. and i showed you how are camera downtown and it's frozen over. temperatures are two degrees above freezing and we will still see some scattered showers some of that mixed in with snow but drying out with a few flurries. all that moisture pushes north we may have some flurries but it looks like we will stay partly cloudy and clear out during the day tomorrow. in terms of temperature will drop into the 20s. whatever moisture is on the roadways, he could still rephrase so of course roadways could be icy morning the places that we have ice or moisture on the road and something to watch for seven temperatures will be down 28 or 29th night. hopefully we could drive by tomorrow morning but in terms of power outages and tree damage that's what i was concerned about. we have things are looking good in that terms of road condition we will see some sunshine at freezing by friday morning and we are in the yellow to the mid to upper 50s and it looks like we will be around 60 into
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