Amory police patrol bus routes for students safety

Nov 13 2018

Posted: Nov. 14, 2018 11:29 AM
Updated: Nov. 14, 2018 11:29 AM

Speech to Text for Amory police patrol bus routes for students safety

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is on the minds of many since the death of a 9 year old baldwyn boy. many city's and schools working to beef up bus safety. city's like amory who are takinga proactive approach to keeping its students safe when getting on and off the school bus. wtva's xavier harris joins us with the latest and we must warn you some of the things you are about to see may contain graphic material... they are the nerve cringing videos no parent wants to see, students trying to on and off of school buses and hit by speeding vehicles... two years ago, the city of amory police department wanted to do something to cut down on this problem in their community... "the chief wanted a little more proactive approach to the problem that started on the rise with vehicles passing the stopped school buses." i spoke with lt. andy long and he invited me to ride along with him and other officers as they follow school buses on their regular routes to make sure vehicles stop for stopped buses... "you have an officer that actually rides the bus they will have a radio and watch the stop to match sure the arm is out the lights are going radio that call or that tag in and there is a group of officers waiting on each direction to make that stop." stand up according to lt. along the highway you see behind me hwy 278 is the busiest stop for buses he says some drivers even question stopping while a bus is unloading. "as far as the center turn lane and nothing are on the other side of the highway from the business and where that stop is a child, especially at that age, could easily run out in the opposite direction chasing whatever it might be. while out on the high way lt long says they caught one driver zooming passed the bus while the stop sign and arm were out, i've slowed the video down, so you can see, lt long says the consequences of doing this will cost you. according to lt long first time offeners can be hit with a fine up to $600. second time offenders could pay a whooping $1000. reporting in amory xavier harris wtva nine news. a rienzi roadway is closed for some railroad repair.
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